What To Do Over Long Weekends
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What To Do Over Long Weekends

Are long weekends a little too slow?

What To Do Over Long Weekends

This quarter seems to be speeding on by and I don’t feel as if I have made the best use of my time. Does anyone else feel this way about the quarter system? There is never enough time in a week, let alone a day, to accomplish all the things I should be doing and the things I want to be doing. It’s crazy how fast a quarter can go by. First it’s syllabus week, then, woah, I have a midterm tomorrow, then wow finals are next week, you’re kidding we’ve only had like three classes and 500 pages of assigned reading, oh right, I’m supposed to have done the reading on my own time, oops. Well clearly I can’t give you advice on time management when it comes to the quarter system but I sure know how to navigate through a weekend, especially long weekends. So if you are wondering how you should be spending your three-day weekend, look no further I would love to be your tour guide.

So next long weekend grab some friends and saddle up for your most exciting weekend yet.

1. Go to Big Sur.

You went to school on the central coast for a reason, utilize the surrounding areas. Even if you don’t camp, make the beautiful two-hour drive and enjoy the scenic views just for the day. Definitely make your way to Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park to witness McWay Falls, which is considered a tidefall due to its close proximity to the ocean. These falls are falling year-round, so there is no excuse for why you can’t visit. And after a long day of adventuring, before you call it a day, you can’t miss the sunset at Pfeiffer Beach.

2. Go to Sycamore Avila Hot Springs.

Grab some friends or a significant other and reserve a time slot at the hot springs. The beautiful pathways and steamy ambiance makes this a great way to relax and de-stress after a long week of hard work. If your wallet can handle the loss, you should definitely visit the spa also located at the Sycamore resort and make it a full day of relaxation.

3. Hike Avila Ridge.

It doesn't have to be a long weekend to hike this breathtaking trail. This scenic hike overlooks Avila beach and miles of beautiful coastline. Aside from its steep ascent this hike is relatively mild and I can guarantee that it is worth the sore calves in the morning. For all you swing-lovers out there, I am here to tell you that serenity swing isn't the only swing with a good view; Avila ridge has a swing that faces the breathtaking shore. Definitely check it out, long weekend or short.

4. Visit Los Angeles or San Francisco.

Need some big city in your life? Make your way down south or up north to two of the largest cities in California, Los Angeles and San Francisco, both of which are only three short hours away. If you decide to travel down to the sunny beaches and raging nightlife of Los Angeles, be ready for a unforgettable weekend. You could spend your day at the beach lounging, navigate the Santa Monica Pier, and then top your night off by making your way to downtown LA and maybe meet some Trojans that would love to show you around. If you decide to make the trip up north, you should rent some bikes and ride through Golden Gate park and then eventually make your way over the bridge to grab lunch waterside in Sausalito and when you decide to hang up the helmet, make your way into the city and join in on the non-stop nightlife.

5. Visit Monterey and Carmel.

Looking for a less bustling town and a slightly shorter drive? Head up north to Monterey and enjoy a leisure walk down Canary Row and a thrilling visit to the Monterey Aquarium. Then head over to Carmel and walk through the fairytale land until you reach the beach for sunset. These towns are some of the quaintest on the coast, be sure to check out all they have to offer.

6. Visit Cambria.

We often forget that a cute beach town is only 40 minutes up the road from our school, with many adventures to partake in. Once you have enjoyed the gorgeous drive on Highway 1, park beach-side and walk the moonstone beach path and take in the beauty of the ocean. Then head into the small town for coffee and some sweets at Linn’s before making the drive home.

The central coast and California as a whole has so much to offer, so take advantage of it and make good use of your free time, so you can experience it all.

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