Most of the east coast is snowed in right now and ice has invaded every inch of land. Travel is rough and temperatures are freezing. Most schools have off and it’s a giant winter playground for everyone. Whether you like staying inside or exploring the vast outdoors, here are a few things to do on this snowday.

  1. Build A snowman

Everyone knows about frosty the snowman so get out there and build the biggest snow monstrosity you can! Remember to put a hat on your creature to make it sentient! For extra fun try building a range of creates and placing a german Pickelhaube (you know those spiked ones) on them to capture whatever your heart desires! Most likely there will be widespread panic as you usher in the next age of darkness with your army of elite, obedient snow soldiers. Remember, they’re only snow so conventional weapons won’t hurt them! Any hole you put through them won’t deter their endless march and can easily be fixed with a little snow. For extra fun mix in ice to maximize their combat strength! You can also build a cute little snowman for your family to enjoy! Carrots make for good noses.

2. Accept your mortality

With so much free time on your hands it's time to sit back in front of a nice fireplace and realize that as a human you have limitations. Sure you can work to surpass some but there is no getting over the absolute certainty of death. No matter what you do time will come and slowly erase all you have done until one day you are just history in a book. The sands of time are a cruel mistress. Make some hot cocoa while you contemplate this to keep you toasty on a chilly day!

3. Realize that snow days were different when you were a kid

When I was young I would scream YAY SNOW DAY whenever school got cancelled. I would wake up first thing in the morning, put on my snowpants, run out into the blizzard and get lost for a few hours, then wander my frostbitten butt back inside for hot chocolate. Now I stay up late the night before and wake up whenever my body demands I move or risk muscle atrophy. I stumble up and sit in bed all day because the cold seeps into every atom of my being and stills my precious life warmth (see #2). I love the time off but I can’t go anyhwere so I am trapped in my 15 x 10 dorm room which is a comfy prison, but a prison nonetheless.