13 Things To Do When You Are Stressed
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13 Things To Do Instead Of Stressing

Things to do when life becomes too much.

13 Things To Do Instead Of Stressing



This always helps me when I get too stressed or worried. Whenever I have a bunch of emotions inside and I don't want to let blow up on someone running helps me let them out. Running or even walking through nature helps you to think or not think about your stress without idly pondering in it.

Listen to your favorite music.

Melodic music is very calming. Music like straight piano or acoustic guitar can ease your nerves. However just listening to my favorite jams that get me in the heart seem to do the trick.

Take a relaxing bath.

I did not realize how great baths can be until I recently took one. I had not taken one in such a long time due to so many other priorities. Make time to take a long and stress relieving bath. Just laying in the tub, lights low, maybe some candles burning, and a good smelling bath balm can make your stress-filled mind ease. It is definitely worth the wasted time.

Talk to someone you trust.

This can either be a mentor, mom or dad, teacher, best friend, sibling or really anyone you wholeheartedly trust. It is always better to talk about the things bothering you instead of keeping them locked inside.

Read a book.

Books, especially fiction, are a great scape-goat from reality. They let you enter a world where your burdens are not apart of it. I also like reading non-fiction as well just my mind off of my own things while learning new things.

Watch your go to show or movie.

Watch your favorite Rom- Com or show that makes you laugh until you cry. It just a great way to enjoy something you love while getting your mid off of your stress.

Look back on fond memories.

Nothing makes me feel better than looking back on times in life that gave me the most joy. Look back on photographs with friends or family photo books. It will remind you of times when life wasn't so stressful.

Write down your goals and dreams.

Making plans for your life can fill you with optimism and hope of what's to come. Do not make unrealistic ones that will give you more stress but jot down the fun things you want to get done in life before you die.


When you are feeling stressed writing really helps. You do not just have to write down what is stressing you. It can be anything just to get your mind off of things. It is a great stress reliever and is a great place to vent when you do not want to talk to anyone.

Take a step back.

When life is bombarding you, you feel overly stressed and can hardly breathe take a step back look at what you might need to change or do differently. Its okay if you need to drop things because it is becoming too much.


Nothing can relax you more than sitting under the trees and stars swinging away the worries.

Draw or paint your emotions.

You do not have to be could at this. It helps to express what is inside of you ad is good if you do not like writing.

Hang with your besties.

Have a good night on the town or just talk with your buddies. They can help you cope with what you are going through.

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