What To Do In A World Where Everything Has Already Been Done
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What To Do In A World Where Everything Has Already Been Done

Trying to re-invent the wheel here.

What To Do In A World Where Everything Has Already Been Done

The year is 2016 and while our phones are getting smarter and the possibilities to life become more and more limitless every single day, at times it can seem a little pointless. Man has already walked on the moon, more than 47 years ago, and living on another planet is more and more a reality every day. Every week it seems there is a new technology that will only make living our day to day lives that much easier. In the face of all the growth humanity does every hour, and with a world population of 7.5 billion people, the question of what is there left to do in the world might cross a person or two’s mind on occasion. And when that happens, some answers come to mind.

-Make Memories

Surround yourself with good people. Ones that have similar goals and drive that you do and that want similar things out of life. Ones that do not drag you down but instead can see you when your down and help you get back up. On the same side they can see you when you’re up and not make you feel horrible for reaching for the stars and then getting there. Take this group of people and go out (or stay in) and laugh. Live. GO to concerts, run through sprinkles in the middle of a park, and watch what little stars are left at night. Take as many pictures as your camera will hold and then take a few with an old fashion camera. Post it all to social media and show the world what you and this amazing group of people is out doing. But then, please, put the phone down. Slip it into your back pocket or your purse or leave it locked in your car, and take a deep breath. Realize that this moment before you with these people is happening right now and all that really matter is being there with them. It’s great getting to show all of your online friends what you’re out doing. But what’s even better is logging off and living those moments in real time and committing them to memory.

-Don’t stop caring

It can be incredibly easy at times to become callus to the World around us and shut down, shut off, and keep the World at arms length through the little glass device we call phones. What’s hard is engaging with the World and staying kind. Staying compassionate. Showing humanity and all living beings that they deserve to be here and that they matter. We have a tendency to get caught up in the world and how fast life is lived that we forget to pause and see those, really look at those around us, and check in with them to see if they’re okay. So donate your time. There are soup kitchens that have to feed the homeless more than just on the frosty mornings during the holidays. There are cats and dogs and an array of other creatures that would love a second look or a back scratch once a week. And the aging population would be beside themselves to have a smiling face sit, if even for an hour, and share a story of days gone by. An hour a week could change more lives than one would think. In that same argument, make time for loved ones. It is almost comical the amount of people that I know that are terrified of actual phone calls nowadays. But putting forth that kind of effort, even if it’s just a thirty second phone call, to check in on someone you care about, could really turn his or her day, week, or month around. If phone calls terrify you that much though just put forth the action and shoot them a text that they’re in your thoughts. That you care. That they aren’t alone.

-Know your worth

Just because there is someone out there that runs a faster mile than you doesn’t make the fact that you shaved twenty seconds off your last time any less impressive. In this world, we as humans run the chance that there is always someone out there that might be better at whatever we’re doing than we are. But that doesn’t make your effort or achievements null and void. You are still a living breathing person fighting and trying and as long as you are pushing yourself to be better, by whatever standard or measurement that might be, that’s all that matters. If you spend your entire life trying to be better than someone else then you will never be enough. And that isn’t fair to you or your efforts. With that being said don’t let excuses cripple your progress. Continue to want better, whatever that better might be, for yourself. Because you deserve that. You deserve the best you can offer yourself.

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