14 Things To Do During Quarantine
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14 Things To Do During Quarantine

Some ideas to make your self-isolation a little less self-deprecating.

14 Things To Do During Quarantine

Ahh yes, boredom has hit you and you're asking yourself what else can I possibly do during this time of lonesomeness. If you are one of those lucky people like me who got laid off and is taking online classes then there isn't that much exciting stuff going on in your day to day life to get you jumping out of bed. One thing I have found from self-isolating is that a routine is key, and sadly we had ours abruptly taken away from us. So here are 14 things you can do to take back your routine and have fun while doing so.

Catch Up on Sleep


Now is the time to catch up on your sleep. Sleep is one of the most important things to our health and now that you don't have to even change out of your pajamas it is the perfect time to catch up on your missed Zz's.

Plan Your Day


If you are like me, you can't mentally tell yourself you are going to do something and then actually do it. Set goals or intentions for yourself by writing them down in a notebook or planner and check or cross them off each time you complete them. This will give you a sense of accomplishment and motivate you to keep your day going.



Do some sun salutations or some cat cows when you wake up. Give your body a morning stretch and the opportunity to form your thoughts and intentions in the morning for the rest of your day.



Almost every workout class or studio has free subscriptions or trials to virtual classes that you can join right now. Try that kickboxing class you've been too nervous to go to or follow along with your favorite fitness guru on insta. Mine is @fitwithnora, she has workouts that are great for beginners and people like me who's equipment tends to stay at the gym. Not to mention they are all free on Instagram and she uses common household objects that literally everyone has access to in quarentine.

Drink More Water


Keep your body hydrated and read up on how much water you should be drinking. It is commonly recommended by health authorities to drink around eight 8-ounce glasses of water a day. Although this does fluctuate for men and women.

Do Your Chores


DO fluff the pillows on your couch, wash the dishes, make your bed, do laundry and vacuum. DON'T stay in bed all day, I know it's difficult to get out from under the covers but let's try and make our mommas proud, shall we?

Play Some Games


Break out the scrabble board and work in some family fun time. This will give you the opportunity to reengage your brain in a creative way. Maybe re-download the sims (like me), or plug back in your dusty Wii to take your mind off of things for an hour or two. For the bros, just play some COD or whatever it is you already play.



I am an avid takeout-er and a terrible cook, but that's why this is this one is exciting for me. You have all the time in the world to practice making that dish you've seen on your explore page and improve your baking skills. Maybe try switching up your diet if you've been wanting to and try removing gluten or going vegan. Its all about experimenting so just see what you like and never forget practice makes perfect.



Writing is a great way to document your thoughts during this time. This pandemic is something I am sure none of us will forget but it is reassuring to know that you can look back and read your thoughts from this time period because you will probably forget, and see your growth you were able to achieve during such stressful times.

Distance Socializing


Check-in on your friends and family. Everyone deserves a little extra lovin' during this time so don't be afraid to show it. Maybe make a goal to facetime one friend a day and have group calls with your besties once a week. Even small things can be great too, try texting a friend you haven't seen in a while or even just commenting on someone's post can be a great way to make someone feel good today.

Pamper Yourself


Look up some DIY face and hair masks. Pour yourself a glass of wine, put on your favorite Netflix show and make yourself a bubble bath. Treat yourself for #stayinghome, you deserve it.

Career and Professional Growth


Improve your resume, apply to jobs or login to your old Duolingo account and try learning a new language. This is the time you have been missing to beef up your resume and pass the surplus of other applicants who are applying to jobs right now too.

Get Crafty


Make that tik tok tutorial you saved or try making something you can actually use in your house or daily life. There are millions of DIY tutorials on Youtube to make literally anything your heart could desire.

Become Your Own Mixologist


Instead of reaching for that light beer or 2-buck-chuck try making a cocktail. Order a shaker and door delivery alcohol to try spicing up your typical alcoholic (or virgin)beverage, you may find yourself a new favorite!

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