Time is not measured by the hours, minutes, or seconds on the clock. As cliché as that may sound, it measured by our self growth, when things are mean to occur in our lives, and so many other things.

If you think about it, time is incredible. Time controls every aspect of our life, from when we go to work, when we go to bed and for you food lovers like myself, when we get to eat. Although time controls pretty much every aspect of our lives, what it's most important for, is what it teaches us.

1. Time teaches us to grow.

From break ups, to friendships ending, time allows us to grow. Within that time we experience several rangers of emotions, from anger to sadness. But what we don't realize is that, that period of time, is what we need to happen within our lives. We need that period of time to grow, to become stronger and learn to put ourselves before anyone.

2. Time teaches us to be grateful.

When losing someone close to you, whether they're still alive or have left earth, you realize how important time was with that individual. You become grateful for all the memories you shared, whether they were good or bad.

3. Time teaches us to forgive.

As time passes on, we realize that holding a grudge against someone, or hating them for what they have said or done is pointless. By holding onto that grudge, you're bringing unnecessary negative energy into your life.

4. Time teaches us to not waste it.

As we get older, we realize how fast time goes by and how much can change within a blink of an eye. You never know what time has in store for you, or when it'll run out, so good do everything you've been wanting to do. Work up the courage to tell the person you love, you love them. Go jump out of the plane. Go do, or say, everything you keep putting off.

Time can teach you all these different things, but what matters is how much you grow as an individual from it, what you learn and what you take with you in the future.