The Truth About Greek Life
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The Truth About Greek Life

Aren't they just for partying and cute outfits? Nope!

The Truth About Greek Life

Everyone knows that sororities exist-- and so do the stereotypes that come with them. Hazing, partying, giant houses. None of those things are really true, at least not like in the movies.

Sororities actually heavily discourage partying and try their best to educate members on drinking responsibly. Girls in sororities don't party any more or any less than a non-greek student. A lot of people might think that's the main reason to join a sorority, but I'm here to educate you on what joining a sorority is really about.

Everyone sorority has their own philanthropy or cause that they try to raise money for. Most of the events they host during the school year are to raise money or donations for their cause. For example, my sororities raises money for Diabetes research and awareness and the Greek community as a whole works to donate canned goods to the food pantry and participate in the blood drive. The Greek community on your campus works together very often to try to raise awareness about lots of different causes!

People might think that Homecoming is just a popularity contest or only for greek students. Everything that is done during Homecoming (and Greek Week for that matter), is to raise money and participate in community service. The competition part is just to add some fun rivalry and encourage more people to participate and make it fun for everyone involved! All of the events a sorority of greek community hosts is going towards a greater cause for your campus and encourages everyone to be involved!

Besides community service, sororities put a lot--A LOT--of emphasize on grades. Scholarship is one of most sororities core values, and when choosing a sorority you want to make sure a sorority shares the same values as you, like scholarship. You are at college to be student first, always. Every sorority needs to have a certain grade point average to be in good standing and that means that all of your sisters will be willing to help you whenever you need it! Sororities pride themselves on their GPA and how hard they work and love to show-off their sisters scholarship achievements, almost more than the university. Your university will always encourage you to Go Greek! Whether you go through formal or informal, it's an awesome experience and most campus' have very strict no hazing policies so you'll know no one will make you eat something disgusting.

When you become part of a sorority, you are not just part of the sorority on your campus, but you are also representing your chapter nationally. Every sorority will have a philanthropy they hold close to their hearts and that is what makes each sorority truly special and unique to me. I have had the most fun my freshman year with my sorority when raising money for a great cause with my best friends, and having them makes studying a lot more fun too!

To summarize, being in a sorority is not about the partying or the cute outfits or just wearing the letters. It's about working towards a greater cause and working hard and bettering yourself in the process along with your thousands of sisters around the country. Being in a sorority will always make you a better person.

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