If you were to take a look at your life right now, what season do you see yourself in? Is it a season of waiting? Or is it a dry season? Are you in a season of testing, or maybe in this season you feel like you're finally breaking ground?

Sometimes it's easy to recognize where you're at in life because the road ahead looks clear. Sometimes it feels like you're driving through the fog not really sure where you're going or how to get there.

Lately my heart has been restless and my prayer has been for God to reveal to me what type of season He has me walking in. I feel as though it would be easy to tell myself I'm in a "good place" right now. I'm doing well in my classes, I'm doing my devotions every day, I'm working as an RA and I even just got an awesome new job at my university. That constitutes a pretty good a pretty good season, right?

I'm beyond thankful for all of the blessings God has poured out and into my life, but that doesn't mean I should ever enter a spirit of complacency just because I'm feeling a little "extra blessed." A part of me wants more. A piece of my heart is longing for more because I know God has more for me.

Right now I feel as though I'm driving through the fog. I'm not sure exactly where God has me or where He has me headed but I hear His voice reassuring me of this: It's not my job to know where He is leading me, it's just my job to follow.

It's my job to pursue Him relentlessly. It's my job to wake up in the mornings and make the choice to love Him and chase Him daily.

So, how do I do this? How can I press in more? I've realized that in the mornings right when I wake up and in the evenings right before I go to sleep I'll scroll through my instagram, facebook, twitter etc. I'm someone who very easily buys into the lies of comparison so this was a really unhealthy way to start and end my days. I've started prioritizing my devotions so that first thing in the morning I read my devotional before starting the day. In the evenings I set my alarms and turn my phone for the rest of the night, then I do my devos so that I fall asleep reflecting on what I've read and in a spirit of prayer.

This is how I'm pressing in. This is how I'm going deeper. It looks different for everyone, but it's a calling. Something God commands us to do is spend time with Him daily.

If you're not sure why God has placed you where you are right now, or if you're not even sure where you are, be encouraged by this: We serve a God who knew who we were and what we would do before we even existed. As foggy as the road ahead may seem, continue to press into God and He will lead you just as He has promised to.

"There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens… He has made everything beautiful in its time. He has also set eternity in the human heart; yet no one can fathom what God has done from beginning to end." - Ecclesiastes 3

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