When I was younger, my brother and I would play and watch "Pokemon" nearly all the time. We loved the Pokemon themselves, and also enjoyed watching Ash Ketchum adventure out into the world while exploring and learning new things. I honestly believe that "Pokemon" played a role in my brother and I becoming adventurous children. When we stopped playing "Pokemon," we never really thought about it too much. It would come up in conversation and we would reminisce, but there was never a resurgence such as the one that occurred when "Pokemon Go" was released.

For those not familiar, "Pokemon Go" is an app that blends the real world with the fantasy world. Using online mapping, the app requires its users to get up and search for Pokemon. This app is so different from all others, because it actually requires physical activity. People have been out and about searching for Pokemon, while also making friends along the way. You’re split up into three teams that battle each other for “gyms” placed around the area. Personally, I have not had any bad experiences with this game so far. I have been so happy playing because I feel like a carefree, adventurous child once again.

My friends and I have been spending lots of time “hunting” for Pokemon and stopping at PokeStops along the way. In fact, we even made a large group chat for Team Mystic that contains around 20+ Team Mystic members within our town. In this chat, we’ll plan get togethers, send funny Pokemon-related pictures and just have a good time. I’ve gotten a lot closer with a lot of people who I was only previously acquainted with. We’ve had some great times, and I’m sure that even more memories will continue to be made.

Of course, there are some downsides to this game, especially for the younger children. First of all, one may become distracted with the game so badly that they forget to watch where they’re walking. There have been stories of people walking into traffic and injuring themselves. In my opinion, as long as you pay attention to what you’re doing, you should be fine. The only downsides to this game that I have experienced is that I’m wasting gas and quickly running out of data on my phone. Besides that, I have had nothing but good experiences.

Despite what “critics” (any non-"Pokemon Go" player) may have to say, this app has truly created a community within my town. It is so funny when my friends and I pull up to a gym or PokeStop, only to see someone we know sitting in their car across from us. We exchange banter expressing how Team Mystic is the best, and then we continue on our separate ways. People will always find the negative side to things, but it's hard to do that in this case. This game reminds me of my childhood and it's fun to play, so instead of finding the negative in everything, I’m just going to have fun.