4 Things From PETA You Should Never Believe
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4 Things From PETA You Should Never Believe

Some things PETA just gets wrong.

4 Things From PETA You Should Never Believe
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PETA is an organization dedicated towards animal rights. I love animals more than anything, but I do not support PETA. PETA is an extreme representation of what many believe goes on in the agricultural history. Most of what PETA advertises is far from the truth. These are some statements that PETA has gotten very wrong.

1. FFA is a cruel organization

PETA wrote an article last year about how awful FFA is. My friends, along with myself, were extremely upset after reading the article. FFA is an organization that is dedicated to agricultural education. It promotes leadership and service and prepares students to be part of the workforce. FFA is a wonderful organization and is important to thousands of students around the country. FFA does not promote the animal abuse that PETA advertises. It promotes humane and successful farming practices.

2. Sheep shearing is inhumane

A few years ago, PETA released a picture of a sheep that they claimed had just been sheared. Its skin was gone and the sheep was in extreme pain. This picture could not be farther from the truth. Shearing is very humane and causes the animal no pain. The most that might happen is a little cut, the same as when we shave ourselves. Shearing is not a form of animal abuse.

3. Farrowing crates are inhumane

For years PETA has been active in the fight against farrowing crates. They have argued that they are cruel to the sow (mother pig) since they do not allow her to move or roll over. What PETA has neglected to mention is that farrowing crates save the lives of piglets. Without farrowing crates, sows have been known to roll on and crush their babies. If anything, farrowing crates increase the welfare of the piglets.

4. Animal dissections are cruel and unnecessary

PETA has been known to protest animal dissections in schools. They have even advertised that dissections are done on live animals. They say dissections are unnecessary and inhumane. Dissections are very necessary. Veterinarians and doctors need to learn somehow. Dissections allow them to gain knowledge and experience before they have to work on live animals and humans. They are also not done on live animals. The animals being dissected are raised for that purpose and die in a humane manor.

While I love animals, I do not support PETA. PETA is extreme and do not provide all of the facts about the agricultural industry. They look for and advertise the few bad cases.

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