I went to the AFC Divisional playoff game Saturday night, and I currently have the lack of a voice to prove it. I was surprised with a ticket Thursday night, and it was by far the best belated Christmas gift I have ever received. Friday was a very long waiting game for me, and I could hardly contain myself Saturday; that 8:15 P.M. kickoff absolutely killed me. Clearly, the wait was worth it, but I do not know if I could have handled another outcome.

Though it was chilly in Foxboro, my excitement for this game completely outweighed my dislike for blustery winter temperatures. I took a close look at the field when I got into the stands, and of course Tom Brady was the first player I spotted. I have so much faith in his ability to endure, improve, and win each and every game he takes on.

Being a Patriots fan is one of the best (and worst) things to ever have happened to me. Not only is it time consuming, but it also requires a certain level of emotional investment. Sundays during the fall and winter are the best, especially in New England. We gear up in all things Patriots to watch the game from beginning to end, and we are totally in it to win it. Though it happens once in a blue moon (if at all), we do not handle losses very well. These are seldom blowouts, because Tom Brady and the Patriots present a challenge for each and every team we face off against. It’s always a very exciting game, whether we win by three touchdowns or a mere field goal. Once this season ends (hopefully with a fifth ring for TB), I am going to wonder how I ever lived without Sunday football.

All in all, I could not imagine my life without the Patriots. Not only is my dorm room decked out with merchandise, but my passion goes way beyond that.