What Is The Mandela Effect? 10/31/16

The internet has been buzzing lately with countless videos regarding what is known as the “Mandela Effect.” While most internet trends can be pretty stupid, this particular subject is actually endlessly fascinating. The basic concept of the Mandela Effect is that a person or group of people have a vivid memory of something happening or being a certain way, when in fact it never occurred at all. The theory got its name from Nelson Mandela. While Nelson Mandela died in 2013, some people recall him dying back in 1980’s during his time in prison. As more instances popped up, the conspiracy theory snowballed into what it is now. It is believed that because so many people have stated their belief of things happening differently than they actually have, that the reasoning is due to alternate realities existing and we are somehow going back and forth between them.

A popular meme came about in 2010 regarding a popular children’s book series from years ago. Take a look at this image here and try to remember the name of the series:

If you remember this as The Berenstein Bears, you are wrong. Most people my age seem to remember very clearly that they grew up reading all about the Berenstein family, when in reality, they are the Berenstain Bears. Just a one letter difference has people freaking out. Following this discovery, someone uploaded a photo online of a VHS tape that had both spellings!

Maybe it was just a misprint. Or maybe that's what they want you to think. If these two examples don’t have you convinced, take a look at some other Mandela effects below.

1. Sex and the City

It is believed by many people that the popular television show was actually named Sex in the City. A video was put up online of a man with several merchandise items for the show that had “in” printed on them instead of “and."

2. KitKat

According to some, the original KitKat logo featured a hyphen separating the two words. While it seems possible that the company changed the spelling at some point over the years, none of the previously used logos have a dash present.

3. Chick-fil-A

This restaurant’s name is commonly misspelled, but for anyone that frequents this place, they could probably spell it out for you easily. A solid portion of Chick-fil-A lovers swear that there was no ‘k’ in the word chick.

4. Monopoly

When thinking of the monopoly man character, several different features come to mind. His top hat, cane in hand, and mustache are just some of the characteristics, but what about a monocle? Evidently, the character has never had a monocle! If you google monopoly Halloween costumes, you’ll see plenty of photos where people are decked out in his proper attire, INCLUDING the monocle.

5. Oscar Mayer

When thinking about this brand name, it’s hard not to jump right into singing the song we’re used to hearing in commercials. Although, you might be singing it incorrectly. If you think it’s “My bologna has a second name / It’s M-E-Y-E-R,” think again! M-A-Y-E-R is the actual spelling.

6. We Are The Champions

If you don’t know this iconic Queen song, you must be living under a rock. Plenty of people know it word for word, but it’s been made known that the placement of certain lyrics aren’t quite what some individuals recall. The line at the very end of the track is not, “‘Cause we are the champions of the world,” but is simply just, “‘Cause we are the champions.” Very weird.

7. Jif

As far as I can remember, my favorite peanut butter has always been Jif. It wasn’t until I researched the Mandela Effect that I began to question if this had been the brand name forever. It’s been noted that Jiffy is the alternate name being remembered. Personally, I'll believe the latter once people claim Skippy peanut butter is actually Skip.

8. Skechers

I used to repeat the slogan, “Skechers, it’s the S!” all the time as a child. I paid so much attention to the advertisements that it really bugs me out noticing there is actually no ’t’ in the word. I could have sworn it was Sketchers, which would honestly just make more sense.

9. I Love Lucy

There’s all sorts of memorable quotes that have come from television shows, but there is one that has stuck with each generation from this particular show. “Lucy, you got some ‘splainin’ to do!” is a line just about anyone will recognize if you say it to them, but as it turns out, the statement was never once said during aired episodes. Avid I Love Lucy fans have rewatched the series and found not one instance where the line was used.

There are several more examples of the Mandela Effect you can find online. You can probably even come up with some of your own if you think it over long enough. We may never know why we remember things one way when in reality it’s the other. All I know is, some things are too odd to be coincidental.

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