What Makes Me A Female

It is hard to determine what makes me a female in a world where people make it their life goal to determine what should make you who you are.

Disregarding the physical attributes that obviously tells our gender
The word out is;
“If you are weak, if you cry, if you do not play sports, if you love fashion, if you choose not to be aggressive, if you are emotional, if you learned to cook, If you are clean, If your room is pink, if you love Disney princesses …” You are a female.
On the other hand,
“If you are strong, if you fight back, if you are arrogant, if you play sports, if you are not emotional, If you do not cry, If you are aggressive, If you are not too concerned about cleanliness, if your room is blue, If you love video games, If you love superheroes …” You are a male,
Which makes no sense because anybody can have any of these attributes and it would not change their gender
I grew up always wondering why everything was always about males
To regard everyone the right term is 'men' -- all men are equal
Because God forbid we use the offensive term ‘women’ to relate to ‘men’

The proverbs and teachings I was exposed to as a little girl would always be about men and I remember being confused because I was not sure if I was being regarded to. I mean, I thought I was a girl, a female, a lady so why would they call myself and other females’ men ... It made no sense to me.

If I helped an elderly person to lift something heavy
The compliment was you are a male in a female’s body
Or you may be a female but you have the strength of a man
I was always compared to a male
I became accustomed to the idea that
Being a male is as good as it gets
That a female must submit to males because she was born weaker

Knowing as a little girl that the reason my dad left was because he was not blessed with a male child
And being exposed to a world more appreciative of males
I would dress like a guy and do what I saw other males doing
The physicals will show up soon I thought
What made me a female then was that I could do what a male could do

Thank God for the woman he made my mother
She disproved all I was accustomed to
She showed courage, strength, determination, stability, bravery, heroism, fearlessness, audacity, intrepidity, boldness . . .

And I began to see the world for what it was as well as its ridiculous point of views
I became more aware of God’s Love for me as a person regardless of my gender
And the influence of the more regard for males affected me like a pinch of salt dropped in a sea
I gave my gender a new definition

My definition.
What makes me a female now?
Is the fact that I am my mother’s daughter!
I have the heart of a fighter
I have a brand new confidence that cannot be shaken
I am a female because I walk like a goddess
I sing with an angelic voice
I dance like the rhythm was made for my waist alone
I have the strength of a lioness
I am a female because I am of God's unique work, brighter than diamonds or pearls
I have chosen to break from the limits society placed around me and redefine myself… It is your turn.

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