You Make Friends For Life In College

You Make Friends For Life In College

I know the friends I make in college are going to stick by me.

Welcome to the chapter of your life where the people and challenges you meet actually start to matter. You are getting older and figuring out who you are as a person and the people in your life will start to mean more to you. You see those people visiting you at your house in the future and attending your wedding and all sorts of other important events. This is what I want to say to those who have already established a friendship with me within the first months of college.

To my friends taking on college with me,you guys have shown me what a friendship is supposed to be and how people are supposed to treat you. There are no conditions to this bond we have formed. If I need to study you guys are there with me. If I need a shoulder to cry on someone is always there. If I need food at one in the morning then someone is offering to make me food.

There is no manual for attending college. You just get told to go and get your education while going into enough debt that it will take you ten years to pay it all off. When you make connections with people, whether it's just your roommate or an entire sorority, it makes college a little easier. I know as soon as I got a bid from my sorority I had instant friends and it feels so amazing to always have someone to talk to. I had someone from my major that helped me look at my second semester classes, I had someone who could help me determine my research project, and I always have people who support my decision to study over going to a party.

There are also going to be those days where you just want a little adventure in your life. You have to have those friends that you can say "Hey, let's go to the lake," and they are totally down for it. Whether it's a random hike or a trip to get some off-campus food. You need adventure in your life and the friends to take those adventures with.

We need friends and while it is okay to still keep in touch with those you were friends with in high school, college is where you start to find those that will matter most to you. It's easier to make friends when you are all trying to figure out who you are and what you are doing with your life together.

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To The Grandmothers Who Made Us The Women We Are Today

Sincerely, the loving granddaughters.

The relationship between a grandmother and her granddaughter is something so uniquely special and something to be treasured forever.

Your grandma loves you like you are her own daughter and adores you no matter what. She is the first person you run to when you have a problem with your parents and she never fails to grace you with the most comforting advice.

She may be guilty of spoiling you rotten but still makes sure to stress the importance of being thankful and kind.

Your grandma has most likely lived through every obstacle that you are experiencing now as a young adult and always knows just exactly what to say.

She grew up in another generation where things were probably much harder for young women than they are today.

She is a walking example of perseverance, strength, and grace who you aim to be like someday.

Your grandma teaches you the lessons she had to learn the hard way because she does not want you to make the same mistakes she did when she was growing up.

Her hugs never fail to warm your heart, her smile never fails to make you smile, and her laugh never fails to brighten your day.

She inspires you to be the best version of yourself that you can be.

You only hope that one day you can be the mother and grandmother she was to you.

A piece of girl’s heart will forever belong to her grandma that no one could ever replace.

She is the matriarch of your family and is the glue that holds you all together.

Grandmothers play such an important role in helping their granddaughters to grow into strong, intelligent, kind women.

She teaches you how to love and how to forgive.

Without the unconditional love of your grandma, you would not be the woman you are today.

To all of the grandmothers out there, thank you for being you.


the loving granddaughters

Cover Image Credit: Carlie Konuch

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Being The Last Friend To Turn 21 Isn't ALL Bad

All your friends have turned 21, but that is okay


You may think being the last one out of your friend group to turn twenty-one is the worst thing in the world, but in all honesty, it doesn't have to be. One of the biggest perks is that everyone of your friends can go out to the bars with you on your birthday. All the people who turn twenty-one first have to wait for people to be able to go out with them, but you get to celebrate your birthday with all of your friends.

Another huge reason you should feel okay with being last to turn twenty-one is thinking about all the money you are saving. The bars are expensive. When you don't go to the bars you are saving so much money because an average bar drink is about seven dollars. This being said seven dollars multiple times a night, multiple nights a week really adds up, so you are going to have to budget your money better.

You don't have to be the one to buy alcohol for everyone else. Having a ton of people ask you to buy them alcohol must get annoying at a point, and if you're the youngest out of your friends, no one will be asking you to do liquor store runs for them because they can all go already for themselves.

The biggest reason is that you can enjoy being young. You should still continue to enjoy going to house parties and just being able to hang out with friends without having to go to the bars. Spend these months before you turn twenty-one just being able to enjoy life without feeling obligated to go out to the bars all the time. You have a great excuse when you don't want to drink on a weekday to just stay in. This being said it will be your turn to turn twenty-one soon.


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