With finals coming up, everyone is stressed and falling to pieces over the monumental amount of exams. Personally, thinking about what makes me happy helps relieve the stress and remember the light that's coming at the end of the tunnel. Here are 50 things that make me happy, and probably make you feel happy too:

1. Having a glass of wine after work

2. The smell of a new book

3. The odor of spring rain

4. Pizza.

5. Ice cream

6. Food in general

7. The first snowfall

8. Finishing a novel

9. Getting an A on a test you studied really hard for

10. New makeup

11. Zoos

12. Nature

13. Traveling

14. The summer sun

15. Coffee

16. Coffee x2.

17. Chocolate

18. The ocean

19. Purring cats

20. Hiking

21. Meeting new people

22. Exploring a new place

23. Flowers

24. Taking your bra off after a long day

25. Candles

26. Payday

27. Panera Bread

28. Snow days

29. Cities

30. Learning something new

31. Driving with the windows down

32. National parks

33. Hot tubs

34. Putting on pj's

35. Cancelled classes

36. Trying new food

37. Hockey games

38. Musicals

39. Coloring

40. Going to football games

41. Bonfires

42. Tailgating

43. Palm trees

44. Outdoor movies

45. Christmas decorations

46. Fresh fruit

47. Boating

48. Art

49. Plays

50. Making someone smile

These are the things that I'm happy about, but I'm sure you feel happiness to most of these things as well. Of course, this kind of list will be different for everyone but it's definitely a good choice for the students preparing for finals to take a breather and think about all the things that make them happy.