2016 was a hell of a year. So many events took place that labeled this year a very historic and interesting. Others have called this a very bad year, as they claim that it is a struggle to even make it to 2017. Here are some of the major events that made headlines throughout 2016. Please take note that these are only some of the major things that happened in 2016.

Donald J. Trump won the election

This came as a shock to many, including myself. It seemed that Hillary Clinton would win against the man who vilified minorities and made derogatory comments throughout his whole election. He still won and it made some Americans very happy. It made others take a look at the country they live in. The outcome of the election shows how divided our country really is.

Beyonce Dropped Lemonade and Got into a Controversial Formation

In true Beyonce fashion, a day before the Super Bowl, she released her single, Formation. A day after, she performed the single at the 2016 Super Bowl, in what some call a Black Panthers tribute outfit. It seemed clear that she was making a statement about police brutality in the United States.

So Many Celebrity Deaths

Many Celebrities died this year and it seemed that it was some of the greatest that were taken from us this year. some that were included were Prince, David Bowie, and Alan Rickman.

Pulse Nightclub Shooting

On June 12, 2016, Omar Mateen, a 29-year-old security guard, killed 49 people and wounded 53 others in a hate crime. This was the highest number of people who died due to mass shooting.

Oscars Controversy

A lot of controversy came with the Oscars when it came to diversity. Many people realized that there were few people of color nominated for awards. Jokes were even told that night by the host, Chris Rock.


On June 23rd, British citizens voted to exit the European Union. This caused the British pound to fall to its lowest level in decades.

Syrian Refugee Crisis

With a civil war going on, many Syrians had to escape the bombings by trying to seek refuge in other countries. This became a hot topic in the election, with liberals seeming to want to allow Syrians to seek refuge in the US, and conservatives wanting to block their attempts.