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Opened Eyes

There so much more to life when you just sit down and look at the world one second at a time

Opened Eyes

Do you ever just take a breath and just look around? Do you ever take a breath and look away from your crazy life and just think what is life about? Do you ever just slow down and stop worrying about your finals next week, how much the next light bill is, or what the plans are for Christmas?

But do you ever just think about and appreciate how did God make life so intricate? Do you ever just stop and let God show you how worthy and precious you are in His eyes? How nature just clings to the process of every molecule, every chemical, and every reaction. Do you ever just think about random thoughts like coffee? How it comes in so many forms of itself; hot, cold, frozen, iced. How it is so strong but yet gives out a sweet river of flavor.

What about animals? They live their lives not to impress others, but to do what they need to survive. They appreciate nature and use every part of it to their best ability. What about nature itself? Every root, every vein, every leave and tree dyed in the spectrum of color in the changing seasons. The beautiful carvings on the robust mountains; they're able to stand the same no matter what the wind or rain does while still allowing every rain drop to eat away at minerals within the mountain. But the mountains do not get discouraged at the rain drop for it knows that each dent and crack makes that mountain unique and gives easy for life to flourish.

Life is not always happily ever after. Sometimes you might lose loved ones and people will treat you worse than you deserve to be treated. But no matter what NEVER lose respect for yourself and always strive to be optimistic.
"No matter how your heart is grieving if you keep in believing the dream that you wish, will come true."

It is okay to adventure outside your comfort zone and it's okay to be clumsy and have fun and just living your life to the fullest. Do not conform to the society around you just to fit it. Exceed the expectations of yourself and always look for the good in people. A leather book with crippled brown pages open thousands of worlds for you mind to explore which is so empowering to have knowledge and understand that the inside out shines the out.

Work hard at your dreams, understand that trails and tribulations make you stronger and shape you into who you were meant to be. Do not let other individuals' expectations of your ability downcast your own expectations of yourself. Realize that the chance starts with you. Never settle for less of what you know you can accomplish. Do not let the stereotype of your outward appearance dictate what you think about yourself. Try to make the world a better place and NEVER GIVE UP!

Happiness starts from where you are. The past- you can either run from the past or from it. Have no worries. You may not always be happy but you can ALWAYS have Joy. In order for new life to flourish sometimes you may have to get a little burned. Everyone has their own talents and something to give. You are one of a kind and have something to offer.

Do you ever just go to the library and run your fingers against the worn out leather coverings on the book of knowledge. Do you ever just look at the rows of books that were the foundation for knowledge and history that made our country the country it is today? Life is so precious, life is a blessing, as life is what you will choose to make of it. Life is simply our thoughts expressed and our dreams pushed into action.

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