Freshman year of college is over, it had its up and it had its down. If you are anything like me, you are tired of being broke all the time so you hop on getting as many jobs and hours possible for a human being bad in your small home town that you desperately avoided all year.

You get home and one thing that hits you harder than a boulder is checkin-check out back in place at home, you can't just leave at 11;30 at night or stay out till 6 am, your senior year of high school curfews and rules some have found a way back. I got extremely irritated because back home is a good 30 min from any kind of decent shopping and that is a big difference wen you can't just run places.

You miss your college friends specially the ones that live out of state, the ones that really got you are now hours and hours away. When you avoided being home all year its hard to start over again for 3 months, and make friends again. With comping back to your old high school town brings a good amount of high school drama, because you forgot that people actually care about nonsense, it gets on your nerves. Because when something is said in a small town everyone and their mom knows about it.

Dating is the most horrible thing when you in college but home for the summer, because you know this "fling" will end when your back to your 2-3 hour away school, and your "fling" back at school might be over when you get back, a lot changes in a couple months. Its just a turn off if you know that your leaving in a couple months.

You told yourself, "Ya I can work 60 hours a week" don't do that to your self, you need me time or you will cry when it gets to much, trust me slowly learning. Employers will not want to change it as fast as you would think, you need to take time and breathe and actually enjoy some of your summer, because if your from Nebraska, winter lasts forever.

You enjoy your family, but silently praying for classes to start again.