What It's Like With NO Social Media

In this day and age, social media take up hours of our day. In some people's lives, it takes up more time than being off it takes up.

"Should I post this?"

"Take a pic of me for the gram."

"Help me with a caption."

"Did you see her story?"


Imagine a life with no social media. Some people can't bare even just the thought of not being able to see what other people are doing every second of the day. That. Would. Be. Tragic. Am I right? Imagine if all servers wen't down for 24 hours. I'm pretty sure the world would go up in flames.

Then, there's some people who think it's toxic, and would love for the servers to go down. It would be a chance to get away from what we see every day on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter. Don't try and tell me all of these apps are not on the home page of your phone for easy access. Mine were.

One day, I took it upon myself to follow through with cleansing my mind, and got away from everything that consumed my day and distracted me from my own life. I deleted my Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and Facebook off of my phone. It has now been a little over a month, and I feel like my life has been changing for the better.

Let me tell you what it has been like with no social media:

In the beginning it seemed like second nature to go into my phone and immediately go through each app and scroll through its feed. It was routine. Sometimes I would find myself going into an app, leaving the app, and then clicking on it again not even realizing I had just been on that app. When everything was gone, I would unlock my phone to nothing, and was forced to just put my phone back down because there was nothing to look at anyways.

After a few days, I was now spending my time doing other more productive things like homework, reading, and a lot more online shopping. I guess not everything was productive. I didn’t really have anything to distract me from class, so I've actually understood a lot more information. It's crazy the amount of knowledge you gain when you actually listen. Who would have thought?

+ My phone battery actually lasted through the day.

My life started to feel more real. Being in the moment rather than living through what other people are doing was definitely refreshing. Sometimes it's hard to understand that people's lives are not as exciting as they seem on social media, and the pressure of competing with others for followers, likes, and the best pictures just vanished.

I happily sat on the couch and did nothing, and didn't worry about how awesome my neighbor's best friend's cousin's roommate's trip to the Bahamas was.

So, just so you know, it's not a bad thing to be disconnected, even just for a little while. It truly cleanses the mind, and for me it is a weight off my shoulders. Other people's lives will never be more important than your own.

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