What It’s Like To Already Have Your Wedding Mentally Planned Out
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What It’s Like To Already Have Your Wedding Mentally Planned Out

Thank you for your support, Pinterest.

What It’s Like To Already Have Your Wedding Mentally Planned Out
Bree Ask

Once I discovered this wonderful site called Pinterest, my life changed for the better, though in some ways the worst. Pinterest has allowed me to put off doing my homework, consuming my face into my laptop and overthinking everything I want in life. I had always liked “party planning” though now you can call it just planning my wedding that will someday come. I will in advance apologize to my future fiancé/husband because this wedding of ours is already planned out to every last detail and you really don’t have much say in it. Everything from the colors to the timing of every minute of the night is down, so don’t stress, it will be great!

Don’t doubt the creative bones in my body; there will be DIY (do it yourself) crafts every place you look! A number of flowers and sparkles will be sure to catch your eye.

Even though the venue is a very important aspect of a wedding that you plan out, the ceremony, people in it, and the bride and groom are key aspects that truly are the main event. So on a much more serious note, here are the real things that are truly planned out to a “t.”

The ceremony will be one of a kind but very traditional. I don’t want my groom, and let alone will not let myself, to stand up there and deliver vows that are general, boring, and don’t make anyone laugh. If you know me I like trying to make people laugh. And you'd better believe that is exactly what will happen, so y’all get ready for this. And my groom will deliver the same, with a slight competition of whose were better of course. Even though this will be funny, I will have a groom that sheds a tear once he sees me for the first time.

Along with the vows and the ladies standing up by me on my special day, I’m not just sticking anyone up there in a pretty dress along with me, you’ve got to be special! So here are to the most likely four bridesmaids and one maid of honor of mine:

To my bridesmaids,

I chose each and every one of you for a unique special reason. I find something important in the fact that no matter if we met in college, elementary school or high school, you are the sister or sisters of my soon to be husband; I love you all equally. You have been with me in the good times and the bad and experienced some of my best moments with me. You are my sorority sisters, my childhood sleepover friends and my cohorts in sending that one lucky boy letters in like 4th grade.

To my maid of honor,

You are someone that has qualities that I wish to find in myself. I know you will be able to bring me back down to reality when I’m way over my head during all this mess, but you were the one I will tell first about any relationship I get into, my thoughts about all of this, and the main reason you know me better than many people do, even if they may have known me longer. You enjoy my crazy side and you will be right there with me for any adventure. You are my go to, and will always be!

I may have many years to go before this happens, and still have to find my true prince charming, though at least I am prepared. Even though I think about it on the daily, it is something that I enjoy, and even if my wedding won't be the first one I plan, each one before that will be just as special! So thank you, Pinterest for allowing me to know exactly what I want in a well-dressed man, true friends, and the wedding of my dreams! Get ready mom, dad and brother, you are all in for a fun adventure!

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