What It's Like Loving Someone with ADHD
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What It's Like Loving Someone with ADHD

They might drive you crazy sometimes, but they are even more lovable.

What It's Like Loving Someone with ADHD

We can all say that we have those people that we adore more than anything. Whether it's your significant other, your brother or sister, or your best friend, you simply just cannot live without them. They are the one you turn to for absolutely anything and everything. They give the best advice, and always embrace you in the warmest arms. They just happen to make your days much brighter.

However, sometimes, they may make you want to come unglued. They might have trouble listening to you, so you have to repeat what you said again. They might be constantly forgetting something, and you have to remind them repeatedly. They might be just down-right clumsy. There's a reason for these silly instances, and it's called ADHD.

ADHD stands for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Many people struggle with this, without having any clue that they have it. They might be characterized as having a hard time focusing, listening, staying organized, and getting motivated, but this is not true for everyone diagnosed. ADHD can be a road block, but on the other hand, some of the most creative, innovative, and successful people have been diagnosed with ADHD. There are so many ways that loving a person with ADHD can be much more interesting. Including:

1. They always keep you on your toes.

No, seriously. When you are with them, prepared to be doing something, because they have a hard time sitting still. They would much rather be out and about, as opposed to sitting and watching a new show on Netflix for the whole night.

2. They ask you a lot of questions.

You know that story you just told? Well, you are going to be answering a lot of questions. Most likely while you were talking to them, they were zoned out, or had something completely different on their mind.

3. They will be requesting you to remind them of things on a daily basis.

Whether it's "don't let me forget that paper I signed," or "don't let me forget my check to pay for something," they most likely will be asking for reminders. You will soon have a better grasp on their schedule than they do.

4. There's a chance of them breaking things (or themselves).

Speaking from personal experience, since they always have to be doing something with their hands or constantly moving, objects often get broken or misplaced. And sometimes, they have clumsy moments in which they injure themselves. It's kinda adorable.

5. Movies are never boring.

Have you ever been sitting in a movie and thinking: "gosh, how long is this movie? I'm so bored." Well, that's not the case with your hyper loved one. I have found that they enjoy playing with your hair, face, and limbs while viewing a movie. You will never be bored again!

6. They have a one track mind.

Just know, when they set their mind to something, they will never give up. In addition, this will be the only thing they think about for a very long time. Being that this is the case, be prepared for hearing plenty about the latest thing they have set their mind to. They are incredibly determined.

7. They come up with the most creative ideas.

Not only are they optimistic, they are incredibly creative. They come up with solutions to problems that not many would think of. Since they have a lot on their mind, they often channel these thoughts into new and innovative ways to create products and make money. Their creative minds lead to success.

8. Loving them is an adventure.

No matter how many clumsy and silly moments occur, loving someone with ADHD is an adventure. They are nothing but fun to be around, love to go on adventures with you, and most of all, they love to cuddle you.

They might drive you nuts sometimes, however, it's incredibly difficult not to love and adore them. Their quirks are what make them even more lovable and adorable. From my experiences, I have found that while ADHD can be a struggle, it makes loving someone so much more exciting.

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