What It's Like Having Long Distance Best Friends

What It's Like Having Long Distance Best Friends

How to learn to live without your best friends.

Everyone has that best friend that lives super close to them and they see each other every day, but most people also take that for granted.

In high school, the main topic of conversation is how excited everyone is to move out and to go to college, especially this time of year when we are so close to summer.

That is extremely bittersweet though. If your story is anything like mine, college means moving away from your best friends and meeting new best friends who live on different ends of the country. Long distance friendships mean not talking every day, communicating mostly by texting, trying to find new best friends who compare to your old ones, and learning to be you without your shield of friends who became family.

One of the most difficult parts about leaving your best friends for college is getting used to not talking on an everyday basis. Going from seeing each other every day, and taking it for granted, to sometimes texting every day is hard, but it helps you find out who you are. As a freshman in college, all of the people around me and I are all trying to find out who we are.

Everyone was put into an old dorm, with a ton of new faces, and sometimes, none of your friends. This was the case for me, and although it was hard and getting used to being without my best friends was tough, it has helped me to find out who I am. Along with that, I have made new friendships and found new best friends.

The difficult part about meeting best friends at school is that you are together every day for 2/3 of the year, and then you leave each other in May, and go months without each other. In my case, some of my best friends literally do live on the other side of the country as me. After learning how hard it is to move away from my best friends, I have also learned to appreciate my time and to live in the moment.

Learn to live in the moment and don't take for granted the amazing people that you are surrounded by!

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We All Have Problems We Can't See. Good Thing We Have Friends And Family

We can't see everything, and wrecks happen.

When I was around ten or eleven years old, my mom was cruising in our sweet minivan through Atlanta traffic with us kids in tow.

One minute we are speeding along, changing lanes, 'bout to cross a bridge. Next moment, there's a wrench, an impact on our right side, a little behind where I was sitting in my uber safe booster seat. Whoops.

We pulled over on the side of a narrow bridge... a convenient location.

Turns out, a younger man in a small car had been passing us on the back right side when my mom began to change lanes. His side mirror was broken, and our beautiful Betsy was scraped up.

My mom had looked... but not seen. Betsy's mirrors just didn't cut it this time. He had been in our blindspot.

To end the story, we were rocked by closely passing rush hour traffic for an hour or two on our new favorite bridge. The police finally showed up at the engagement to file a report, and we rolled on home.

So, blindspots. We all have them, unfortunately.

Not just cars.

When you look over your life, when you slap down that measuring stick, you'll always be missing a problem, or maybe an approaching car.

Not to take the metaphor too far, but close friends who give accountability, advice, and prayer are kind of like the car passengers.

They have a different perspective than the driver's mirrors, and perhaps they can even see the oncoming danger. (But don't blame me. I was playing my Nintendo DS, I think. Just a kid anyway.)

As I get older, I have been made to see faults and harms that could wreck my soul and hurt my relationships that I was completely unaware of, from pride or perspective, I was blind. I am blind now.

Maybe that's the key. We can't see everything, and we aren't going to be perfect. But it is good to be aware that we have these blindspots and to seek to bring them to the light through friendship, through walking with God.

And He will give us grace when we wreck our minivans...

Happy trails!

Cover Image Credit: Erin Powe

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To The Best Friend Who Moved Away, We're Not As Apart As You Think

There’s room for you wherever I am.

Love you and miss you every day, even when we don't talk for weeks. I literally sit in my dorm room thinking about you, imagining what you're doing right now and think back to all the memories we've had since I was in 4th grade and you were in 5th grade.

My parents accepted you as a permanent part of the family and my mom attended as many of your track meets as possible. You had an automatic invitation to any and all family trips, regardless of the distance.

You and I were roommates for a couple months. We put a mattress in the cubby area for you and you had shelves for your clothes, so it was almost like you had your own room, aside from me being like ten feet away. Our kitchen became your favorite room purely because it's filled with food which you love, probably more than me.

You aren't just my best friend, you are also my sister, which is how I knew that even when we argued, we’d get through it, no matter what.

When I had cancer, you were there for me, hanging at my house even when I was fast asleep or looked like crap, which was most of the time.

You and I know so many things about each other that normal people would find repulsive and/or very strange. The things we do and say would probably match the behaviors of people in mental asylums.

After everything we’ve been through, seeing you move away was hard, not just for me, but my whole family. As I’ve accepted you living multiple hours away, there are a few things I want to tell you that will be true no matter where you are, even if you go all the way to Timbuctoo:

1. I love you, forever

Nothing's going to change that

2. You are one of the major reasons I am where I am today

You have supported me through basically everything even when I was a jerk and pushed you away, so thanks for that

3. You deserve a guy who treats you like you’re the most beautiful and important girl in the world, because you are

You deserve the best things in life, always, because you are one of the best people I've ever known, best and brightest

4. There’s room for you wherever I am

What's mine is yours, just like its always been

5. You can make as many friends as you want, but I come first forever

6. I already have your maid of honor dress picked out or I would, if I paid attention to those sorts of things

But I can make one promise, you're going to look just as good as me on my special day, as long as you promise the same

7. I can’t afford for us to not be best friends forever, you know too much

You're the only one I can be this weird with and know that we'll be solid


Your Best Friend From Back Home

P.S. No matter where we end up, you'll always be the first person i think of when someone says best friend

Cover Image Credit: Author's photo

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