I Am Addicted To Washi Tape, And I'm Not Sorry About It
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I Am Addicted To Washi Tape, And I'm Not Sorry About It

Welcome to the wonderful world of easy decoration.

I Am Addicted To Washi Tape, And I'm Not Sorry About It

First of all, if you don't know what Washi tape is, then sit down! Because I am going to teach you something fantastic. If you ever need to decorate a letter, you are sending to someone you love: Washi tape. Need to decorate your planner so it looks cute? Washi tape. Have a super dull journal you want to jazz up but don't know how? Yep, you guessed it: Washi tape. Since you guessed right, you get 50 rolls of Washi tape.

On a more serious note, Washi tape is usually made of bamboo or rice paper and is generally used to decorate paper. It isn't glossy and won't change the texture of the paper you have as you use it! Washi tapes formerly were called masking tape, although it does not look like the masking tape you use when you paint your walls. These are generally colorful and have gorgeous patterns to them and they come in many sixes. They originated in 2006 Japan when a group of artists approached a masking tape manufacturer, Kamoi Kakoshi, and convinced the manufacturer to create what we today call Washi tape. When it first started, there were only 20 colors, but soon the trend grew in Japan and eventually internationally!

Today, Washi tape is used for many different reasons. Examples include by artists who need a clean line, journal decorators who want to add some pizazz to their notes, or students who need to decorate projects. The list of its uses has gone on and on. Pretty much anything that is bland and boring on the outside, like some books, surfaces, etc., can be spiced up by some Washi tape. It's as easy as that.

If you are curious, I would definitely check out this video: 56 Decore Ideas With Washi Tape. However, Washi tape is so versatile - this is not the reach of its limit. With a simple Google search, I found thousands of videos showing off cool ideas for Washi tape. You could watch for hours and still find new applications for this amazing product.

Finding Washi tape is easy since it can be found almost anywhere nowadays. Most art supply and craft stores carry lots of Washi tape, and they are generally right next to gorgeous pens, which is a problem due to my growing addiction. However, I have even seen them popping up in most supermarkets. At Walmart, you can buy one or two individual rolls to try out or grab an entire set to start doing your own projects!

However, be warned!

Once you jump into an obsession with Washi tape, then you will find yourself getting excited about the strangest things. Which is what I tragically found out when I started Googling cute pictures of desk organization. Don't get me wrong an obsession with office supplies has always been in my life; however, I am not sure that it has ever hit me this hard. I have a stronger desire now to decorate my room to Pinterest level than I ever had.

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