What If This Was You?
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What If This Was You?

It's not what you would expect

What If This Was You?

I glance back and forth from Isabella and the outside world. Everything looks different. Maybe it is the smoke whipping around or is it the smell of flesh burning at 500 degrees?

Isabella is just standing there, calm as can be. She has a gash on her cheek, and gigantic burns down her legs. She walks over to a huge leap of metal that would have been a wing from the airplane. What looks like a four year old’s hand sticks from it, dripping in blood. You could see the tendons and ligaments hanging. What should be a pinky finger twitches a couple times, and then falls limp.

Isabella lets out a bellowing scream, not from pain, but being scared. There is no echo…No birds flew away from the sound either. Nothing…

Huh. Weird.

I start to move towards her, but something is wrong. There is no sound coming from my shoes. All I am hearing is the sounds coming from the outside world.

I look down at my body. My shoes are tattered and ripped. My jeans are holey, and on my calf, there is a chink of flesh and muscle missing. There is a piece of glass stuck in my leg, right on the side of my thigh. On my right hand, I am missing my last three fingers.

What is the world?! What happened?! Why can I not feel any of these injuries? Am I just in shock? I doubt it; I should be able to feel these.

“There you are!” exclaims Isabella. She starts to make her way towards me.

Should I meet her half way? No. I am not taking the chance of feeling the pain of these injuries.

Oh my gosh, are you OK?! You look terrible!” Isabella is telling me these things, as I look her over multiple times, just to make sure she is in one piece.

“I’m fine! Are you OK?” I’m reexamining her just to make sure. She grasps my hand.

“Yes, I’m fine!”

“Good!” I sigh.

We turn toward the sunset. We finally start to placing one foot in front of the other, walking towards the beaming light.

“Where are we?”

I look her straight in the eyes and say, “I guess we are exactly where we are supposed to be,” as we walk straight into the light, and disappear. Forever.

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