Last week was syllabus week at my college and I feel like I learned a thing or two. People tend to talk about syllabus week as if it were the last week of summer. It's treated as a social week, a time to begin college with parties and social outings more frequently than one would normally. While I agree that syllabus week may not be the most challenging ( in terms of academics), I feel like there are so many learning experiences that take place, and it's important to talk about them.

1. Where the laundry machines are.

On your tour, your guide may only be able to take you into one of the dorms. He or she my also show the group where the washing machines are and how they work. One thing I failed to remember when I moved in to campus was that every dorm has a slightly different layout. Some dorms have laundry on every floor, other dorms have it in the basement, and other dorms have it elsewhere. I walked around my floor for a while with my laundry bin until someone saw me and kindly told me that laundry was in the basement. I made it down to the basement sucessfully and then realized that I probably should call my mom and ask where the detergent got put/

2. What dining halls are the best to eat at. 

My campus has three dining halls that are included in the meal plan and loads of places you can eat with extra points or money on your card. On my campus, as on most, there is a dining hall by freshman housing for freshman which I learned, is one fo the better. Some dining halls have omlette stations while others have breakfast bowls. I learned which dining halls to go to depending on what I was in the mood for. You learn this the hard way when you hike all the way back to your dining hall expecting one thing, that turns out, is only served in the other dining hall.

3. How important it is to keep your keys on you ALL THE TIME!!!

* I cannot stress this point enough*

It seems logical that of course you would bring your keys when you leave the room. However, sometimes it slips your mind as your only running to bathroom or down to get water. I locked myself out of my room during orientaion, before syllabus week had even started. Let me tell you, it is not a fun time having to all your roommates to come back to the room to let you in on your first full day there. Just always keep your key on you. Duck-tape it to your arm, I don't care, just always have it.

4. Check your email, all the time, everyday.

Story time:

My friend: Are you going to the nursing meeting tonight?

Me: The what.

Her: Yeah , they emailed us.

Luckily, my friend informed me of the meeting and I was able to go.

This experience taught me the vital importance of checking email multiple times a day- so that I don't miss a meeting vital to my degree.

5. Napping is not just for little kids.

After I got out of kindergarten I didn't take a nap unless I was exhasuted or sick. I've been in college for two weeks and already taken three naps. Between moving around from home, seemingly being busy all day, and just generally adjusting to college life, coffee and naps have become a vital part of who I am. Bottom line is, naps- don't be afraid to use them.