What Do The Holidays Mean To You?

What Do The Holidays Mean To You?

I decided to do a survey about the holidays and asked 3 different questions. I had so many responses it was hard to choose which to add in this article! Thank you to everyone who filled out the survey!


The top 5 favorite holiday activities were...

1. Holiday parties with friends and family

2. Spending time with relatives

3. Looking at Christmas lights

4. Decorating the house for the holidays.

5. White Elephant Exchange or Secret Santa

What are your favorite traditions with your friends and family?

"My favorite holiday tradition is decorating the Christmas tree with the kids, watching a LOT of Christmas movies with my family, baking cookies, going to see the Christmas lights around town."

"Love spending Christmas Eve with my family, we go to Chinatown for dinner every year in Downtown LA, and have made it a tradition with our close family friends."

"I love going over to my family member's houses and making meals and eating together. We usually will sit around and talk and play games which is great. If you are old enough, we usually try out new holiday alcoholic beverages too."

"On Christmas Eve, my mom gets a loaf of sourdough bread and cuts it a special way and puts cheese on top and bakes it. It's super yummy and always great to share as a family."

"Every year as a family we decorate the tree and my mom goes through each of our ornaments and when we got them. It's like a timeline of my past!"

"We do Christmas Eve boxes, and we get pajamas, cocoa, a mug, and a Christmas movie inside of it. Then, we make the hot cocoa, put on the PJs, and watch the Christmas movies together."

"I always love my friend's secret Santa and white elephant gift exchanges!"

"My boyfriend and I always do a "12 dates of Christmas."

How connected do you feel around those around you during the holidays?

"I feel like Christmas brings people together. Once, when my dad and I were out grocery shopping, this random stranger helped us get all of our bags into our car when he saw how much we had, and all he said when we thanked him was "Merry Christmas"."

"I feel very connected to people around me around the holidays. My extended family doesn't really get together very often, but we always do on holidays, and it is just like we picked up where we have left off."

"Everyone always seems to have a smile on their face, the season of "joy" is reflected on everyone. I wish the entire year could be filled with this "joy" that the holidays bring but then it wouldn't be as special."

"I feel extremely connected! It's the season that puts everyone in a giving and loving mood. It reminds me of how appreciative I am of everything I have."

"I feel so at home being with my family and friends during the holiday season, it brings me back to my childhood."

"I feel really connected because it's a special time of the year to spend with your friends and family."

Why do you think the holidays are important?

"I think the holidays are important because it feels like everyone can forget about their differences and just enjoy the time together and be grateful for what that have."

"It's a good time to reconnect if connections are lost throughout the year and to remind your family how loved they are."

"Even if you don't see your family for most of the year you can usually depend on the holidays as the one or two times per year that you will get the opportunity. Sometimes that is good and sometimes it is bad depending on your family but it keeps a connection going."

"The holidays are a time to come together with friends and family and celebrate your blessings. It's important to take time to do that. Religious holidays are important because they are a time to reflect on your beliefs and grow deeper in them."

"To celebrate the Lord Jesus Christ and to spend time with your loved ones. To also forget all of the bad things going on in the world around you for a short while and focus on all of the fun, beauty, and joy of this time of year."

"First and foremost for me, it's about celebrating the true reason behind the holiday - the birth of Jesus. It's also a time to show the ones you love how much they mean to you, whether that is giving your time, visiting, giving a gift, or sending a card. Making memories and traditions with your children that will go on to their own families one day."

"The holidays are important because they give hope. To small children and even to adults it means hope for happiness, hope for a break, hope for family."

"When we're all going around living our lives, we might be hundreds of miles from our nearest family member, but we always come back together every year and enjoy each other's company like no time has passed at all. The holidays remind us that we still have a family and people who love us in this world, even if we don't see them every day. They remind us of what love feels like."

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8 Reasons Why Winter Is Better Than Summer

While we're all counting down to the warmth, we should be counting back to the cold.

Warm weather is right around the corner, and this means a lot of things. Picnics, bonfires, hikes through the park and the quick approach of summer. After months of cold, dreary days, finally sunshine is on the horizon. However, with the sunshine comes sweat, the inescapable smell of bonfire smoke, and the return of bugs. Here is a concise list of reasons why winter is superior to summer.

1. The Sports

Being outside in the summer is fun, especially when the warmth makes it so pleasant. However, being outside in the sun too long can lead to exhaustion, heatstroke or sunburn. Being outside in the winter involves sledding, skiing, ice skating and snowball fights. You stay cool and still have fun doing it. There is only so much you can do to stay cool in the summer, but it’s easy to have fun in the winter when there are so many things to do without ever breaking a sweat.

2. The Clothes

While we all love the simplicity of a comfy T-shirt and shorts, the best clothing is fuzzy clothing. Winter means fluffy sweaters and thick socks. The possibilities of summer outfits are very limited, but the amount of outfits that can come out of a sweater, cardigan, jean or legging combination are endless. While a summer wardrobe can be simple, you can add new life to jeans or a blouse by adding a cardigan or boots, something impossible in the summer heat. The cold winter weather allows for layering that would never be possible in the summer.

3. Seasonal Symptoms

In the winter, dry skin and sickness are the worst result of the cold weather. In the summer, sunburn, sweat, hay fever and humidity all mess with every part of the body. Static-y hair has nothing on humidity. And sweaty skin beats dry skin any day. The heat constrains you and makes you feel like 800 pounds are weighing on your shoulders. In addition to the 800 pounds of humidity, there is no easy way to get rid of it, besides standing in front of a fan. The seasonal symptoms of the winter are nothing compared to the brutal and inescapable heat of summer.

4. Winter Break vs. Summer Break

While summer break does involve a long vacation from school, often it’s filled with job searches and preparation for the following year. There is time to spend a day at the beach or lounge on the couch, but for the most part, these weeks of summer are for making money and gaining experience in order to succeed in the future. Winter break is a month of relaxing, eating cookies, and spending time with family. The stress of school is off for a while, and you can take some time for yourself.

5. Television and Movies

In the summer, there are a few great blockbuster movies. However, in the winter, there are countless movies and TV specials, specifically around the holidays. Multiple options for entertainment exist during the winter season, as opposed to in the summer when there is no new television until the fall and very few entertaining movies.

6. The Food

Barbecue food is pretty good, but burgers and hot dogs can get old pretty quick. In the winter, the possibilities are endless. There are countless soup combinations and warm drinks to fill you up and warm your body and soul.

7. Activities

When it’s warm outside, there is a constant pressure to go out and enjoy the weather. In the winter, it’s perfect alright to stay in for a day or two. Or a week. The summer means a constant stream of activities because the weather allows it. In the winter there is no pressure to go out or be social because we all love to stay in and enjoy the warmth or get a group of people together for a movie night.

8. The Bugs

This one explains itself. There are no bees stinging you in winter. There are no mosquitoes biting you in winter. There are no gnats buzzing around you in winter. Winter is a bug-free haven.

So while we anticipate the summer, let us also look fondly back on our time during the winter and patiently await the time to trade our sunburn for windburn.

Cover Image Credit: Zachary Nelson // Unsplash

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