What Happens When You Don’t Know Anyone And Decide To Go Abroad, Part VIII (Rome)

This week marks the halfway point of my semester in Europe. Thus far, I've been in eight different cities in four different countries. Along the way, I've recently discovered an interest in amateur photography. I am finding that there are two things that make my photography efforts fun: angles and editing. Messing around with the different perspectives and making changes to original photos is a great new hobby. Additionally, it also kills a lot of time on long bus, plane, and train rides where I don't always have data, wifi, or service.

In order to celebrate and commemorate my first 8 weeks in Europe, I want to share with you guys my top 10 favorite photos, in chronological order, out of the hundreds I've taken so far!

1. Beneath the Eiffel Tour (Paris, France)

2. Atop the Arc de Triomphe (Paris, France)

3. Atop the Cliffs of Normandy (France)

4. Rue Crémiuex (Paris, France)

5. Fireworks at Disney Land Paris (France)

6. Liège Waffle (Brussels, Belgium)

8. Island of Manarola (Cinque Terre, Italy)

10. Assisi, Italy

If any of these look too good to be true, they are to a certain extent. I want to use my photos to help express to others the feeling of sublime awe I have when I encounter a new place for the first time. Hopefully when you check out these photos, you feel it too. Even better--I hope when you feel it, it will inspire you to see how good these really are yourself!

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