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    As someone who is very outgoing and with diverse personal interests and educational pursuits, I use my life experiences to connect with future, former and current college students about their learning environment and journey into young adulthood.

    Forming opinions, and being able to understand the opinions of others is something that can be well- developed through being an avid reader and writer, both of which I am in multiple languages as someone of Hispanic decent and a French/ English major at Saint John's University.

    As a reader of The Odyssey, I've been able to understand that I am not alone in my feelings, pursuits and aspirations. I'm overjoyed to be able to express these dreams I have- of traveling abroad, being published, graduating and understanding my place in the working world and as an emotionally driven and morally aware individual- and possibly inspire and encourage others to do the same here for The Odyssey.

    I have such a strong desire to connect to the world on a grand scale, and allow for my vibrant personality to show through my writing style and as I discuss the various subjects I have learned across my studies in Hip- Hop culture, Urban France, Poetry, Literary Theory, etc., in addition to my own trials and errors in my personal life.

    Clubs that I am a part of and activities that I do have helped to nourish this love I have for others and the personal connections I seek to build with them. Through activities such a community service, tutoring others, and attending various socio- political events, I get to know sides of other people that I would not see in the classroom or even in a dorm room.

    Writing allows the same for me - it's a different facet of myself that I get to share with others that may not be apparent or obvious upon meeting me. As a part of The Odyssey, I seek to infuse a little bit of my Wandy- ness into the textual and literary online world.

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