Your 20s are some of the most important and eventful years of your life.

You are more willing to try new things, create new relationships, and challenge yourself. We all have a "to do" list for our lives, traveling is on the top of most of our lists. It's a way to not only educate yourself but find yourself too.

Throughout my childhood, I was able to travel around the U.S. with my family and friends, and when I graduated high school I always knew I wanted to see the world in whatever way possible. After my graduation, I was able to travel to Haiti for a missions project, and Costa Rica with my graduated Spanish class. Although I was starting small, it sparked something in me.

After I turned 20, I got serious about wanted to study abroad or take a trip of my own. Something that was stopping me was the money. To fix my urge to get out of town and not break the bank, my close friends and I road-tripped near and far. After those small trips, I made the decision to study abroad in the summertime.

I chose Florence, Italy, to continue my studies in fashion, and of course one of my best friends had to come with. I could sit here and talk to you for hours about all the amazing things we did, but I won't bore you. What I am here to tell you is why you should drop what you're doing and start booking your flight.

Exploring even just a small part of the world with my best friend, I gained so many experiences and memories that I will carry with me for the rest of my life.

Trying New Foods

Step out of your comfort zone, order that expensive dish that you can't pronounce, eat that meat you've never tried of, and of course, always order dessert.

Meet New People

Having friends and connections from around the world not only can come in handy someday, but these are relationships that will last you a lifetime.

So Many Beautiful Things

Every corner of the globe has a special surprise waiting to be seen. Take it all in.

Put The Phone Down

You realize that even though what you're seeing is TOTALLY Instagram-worthy, you are no longer feeling the need to pick up the phone and Snap, post, and text it.

Stay Humble

Being in a different part of the world makes you become grateful for what you have and excited for what there is to come.

Although I have much more of my twenties to explore, I have started it off with some of the best memories and adventures. These are the years you are able to take these ideas and make them realities without regrets and anything holding you back. If I have learned anything so far, it's you can't put a dollar sign on memories and experiences that will take you far in life.