20 Things Guys Should Still Do For Girls Now That It's 2018
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20 Things Guys Should Still Do For Girls Now That It's 2018

Chivalry should not be dead.

20 Things Guys Should Still Do For Girls Now That It's 2018

I may be a little old fashion, I guess you could say. But really guys. Y'all should pull out a piece of notebook paper because I am about to tell you how to slay the game.

Chivalry should not be dead. It's your job to bring it back, so man up and treat her like a queen. Who cares if you seem a little old school? This should just be how dating is because these are such special ways to show your love.

Whether you're with the one or still looking for the one, I guarantee if you do these things, your girl will fall harder and harder for you. I promise to keep it short and sweet.

1. Hold the door for her.

2. Text her first.

I’m not saying slide into her DMs…

3. Send a good morning message.

4. Take her out on weekly dates.

Or just make it a point to spend time together without any other distractions.

5. Reminders are everything.

Tell her you love her every day.

6. Respect her frustrations, and adhere to them.

7. Give random gifts.

Who ever said that she doesn't like the gift (you) to keep giving?

8. Never deny cuddling.

9. Binge on a Netflix series together, but DO NOT Netflix & Chill.

10. Let her have the aux.

11. Make each holiday a little brighter by doing an activity specific to that time of year.

12. Fix things for her.

The shelf in her closet broke? You're the man, Mr. Fixer Upper.

13. Respect her.

14. Meet her family, hang out with them, and don’t complain about it.

15. Be goofy.

16. Find out what her favorite flower is and randomly buy them for her.

17. Decide the plans and follow through with them.

18. Pick the date.

Asking her to choose the date night all the time gets exhausting.

19. Comment on her Instagram posts.

20. Show her off.

Hold her hand in public. Post that cheesy photo on Instagram.

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