5 Things Every Bride-To-Be Should Take To Heart
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5 Things Every Bride-To-Be Should Take To Heart

Always remember your wants vs. needs.

5 Things Every Bride-To-Be Should Take To Heart

Planning a wedding is nearly like enrolling in a full-time job. Imagine the process without a wedding planner. The level of stress will rise beyond yourself (even with a planner, you might still have your moment). Many future brides probably had the vision of what planning a wedding was like until… It was their turn (oops). With the planning process of my wedding, I have come to realize that every bride should remember these following tips

1. Plan ahead

So what, you don’t have a significant other or nowhere near engaged. Why not prepare yourself? If you ask me, I must tell you that it’s fun to look at pictures and envision yourself in that scenery. It does not hurt to plan ahead and have a vision board. It can be as simple as spotting a distinct type of flower that you like as your centerpiece or even picturing yourself in a ball gown or form-fitting dress.

2. Go with what works for YOU

Yes, you went to a wedding where the couple were introduced by an orchestra or even the bride changed her dress at the reception. That’s great! But will that work for you? Will it accommodate your pockets? What’s your budget? Of course, all those factors tie into your wants and what is necessarily needed for your big day.

3. Wants VS. Needs

What is your dream wedding? Do you want to be surrounded by a prairie of flowers? Do you want your venue to be draped down with fabrics? What could you possibly not let your special day bypass without? Whichever you decide, remember to set your budget what is a must vs a need. Trust me, your day can be as beautiful and special without your want(s). Think about it, the day will go by so fast, only photographs will keep your memory refreshed.

4. Don't trust everything you see on Pinterest

Do not get me wrong. Pinterest is life! However, Pinterest will not reveal the price of any of their work. Ever thought why? Ummm.. of course! The decorations that capture your board can easily cost thousands of dollars. Remember, DETAILS COST!

5. What comes after the wedding is way more important

First comes wedding, then comes marriage! The mind-blowing details that us girls love or the fancy decors we want means nothing for what is to come… Marriage. Not many future brides have the privilege of having a wakeup call by a family or friend to save and not splurge on their wedding. Hence why I referred to the paragraph of wants VS. needs.

God bless you if you have parents that will pay for what your heart desire. Then, by any means. In reality, your wedding does not define your marriage. A beautiful beginning is not always a happy ending. So, spend wisely!

We hope these tips help you or a loved one's planning go a little bit smoother.

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