What do you Wonder?

When asked this question, many people responded with “the future…their paths in life… how long they have on this earth… how much they will be able to accomplish… and if they are fulfilling their purpose.”

One of the most beautiful things about being human is that we have been given the ability to wonder. Sometimes, this wonder sends us into fear, sometimes it leads to joy, and sometimes it just leads to more and more wandering paths of wonder.

Think about what you wondered when you were a kid… look at the amazing evolution of your wonder and how it has reflected the immense changes in your heart and spirit over the years as life has molded you in its hands.

Often we don't notice the changes within our hearts and minds. Slowly, day by day, we evolve into the person that we now are. Looking deep into the brown eyes of myself as a kid, I would never have imagined that little girl to turn into the person that looks back at me in the mirror.

This is why it is vital that we chose our lives, that we chose what we steady our eyes on and what we let into our minds and hearts. My family was always faithful followers of God. I always felt his presence in people, or in small acts, and I always had this sense that there was something so much greater than this.

This is what I held onto. When my mind would wonder, and I couldn't provide answers to the questions I asked myself it became fearful. Crippling. The weight of this world is heavy, and wondering led me to believe I was the one who had to hold it all up on my own.

But, I fixed my eyes. Saw beyond this world and onto something, someone, that was worth so much more. There is truth and love that saturates the words spoken through him, and purpose found when living out a life for him.

I believe we were given the capacity to wonder, so that we could get lost, feel the weight of this world without one holding it, only to be found and have this weight lifted.

To have faith.