What Disney Channel Original Movies Taught Me

What Disney Channel Original Movies Taught Me

If you are a 90s or 00s baby, you were taught some incredible things from Disney Channel Original Movies. Aka, you were truly blessed.

DIsney Channel

Ah yes, the era of DCOMs. It seems like just yesterday we were sitting our couches watching our screens fill with kids jumping over the iconic Disney Ears and a movie reel... ready to embrace the new Disney Channel Original Movie. While the many DCOMs may not be on live television today, the lessons they taught us will last for decades to come.

1. Nothing Can Stand In Between True Friendship

The Color of Friendship shows you that your friends can come in any shape, size, color, and more. It doesn't matter if you are countries apart, nothing can stand in the way of true friendship. Personally, I think we need this movie now more than ever!

2. Your Dolls May Come To Life To Become Your BFF 

Life Size has some pretty important lessons, and the big one is as much fun as it may seem, it's best your toys stay on the shelf.

3. Kids Can Solve Crimes 

All you need is a maroon leather jacket and some cute sunglasses to solve the case of the missing teacher. Don't let your age or your bedtime hold you back from solving crimes!

4. You Can Totally Do Sports And Arts!

It may seem like you should "Stick to the status quo", but it's totally acceptable to cross cliques! You can be a nerd and a break dancer with 0 judgment. Bonus points if you sing about it.

5. Boot Camp Academy Is Not As Bad As It May Seem 

It may seem like your parents are ruining your life, but going off to boot camp school may just teach you some important lessons.

6. It's Entirely Possible To Have A Twin You Don't Know About (And You Both May Have Magical Powers!) 

Twitches teaches some pretty important lessons. Whether it be that you may be a princess or that it be you have a twin out there somewhere, Twitches was the movie we all hoped would become out reality!

7. Jump Rope Is Really Cool 

Who ever thought that Jump Rope could be a competitive sport? I remember I immediately bought a jump rope after seeing Corbin and Keke jump like pros in this film.

8. A Smart House Is Not A Smart Idea 

We all love entering to win contests- right? And who wouldn't want a brand new electronic-controlled house? It seems like a dream... that is until the house goes crazy and takes human-ish form. Maybe it's smart to just stick to your house!

9. You May Become a Merman on Your 13th Birthday 

When I turned 13, I had my first co-ed party. When Cody turned 13... he became a merman!! You may think being a merman or mermaid would be cool, but The Thirteenth Year shows you it is quite the challenge!

10. You May Have To Protect a Princes One Day 

I wish my dad had a super cool job that would require you taking care of a princess! Though the two may seem like polar opposites, they learn to set aside their differences and get along when it really counts. That's a lesson you can apply for ages to come!

11. Going To Detention May Result In The Birth of a Band 

I've personally never had detention, but after seeing Lemonade Mouth, it was a goal of mine. I mean... going into detention and walking out with a band?! So cool.

12. Zenon Sure Is a Girl of the 21st Century 

The Zenon trilogy made me feel prepared for the 21st century... I have to say it is not quite what the movies said it would be. But following Zenon on her adventures taught me the future is full of possibilities.

13. There Is a Place Where It's Halloween All Year 'Round

Who doesn't love Halloween?! I would love to live in a town where it is Halloween all. the. time. Halloweentown is an inspiring set of movies that taught me family is what counts, and when you stick together, you can defeat any evil that comes your way!

14. Always Make Sure Your Mom Is Not Dating a Vampire 

If your mom is getting back to the dating scene, Mom's Got a Date With a Vampire is one you should watch so you can look for the signs to be sure your mom's date is not a vampire! Could you imagine?!

15. You Should Not Date Your Computer Animated Creation 

Sure, knowing techy stuff is super cool, but if you start to notice your BFF has created a pixel-ized person... you may want to make sure they're OK. Pixel Perfect taught me that even if you could make "the perfect person" on your computer doesn't mean you'll find perfect happiness. Don't forget, there's Nothing Wrong With you :) pixel

16. Life is Ruff 

17. You Just May End Up With Your Favorite Celebrity's Cell Phone 

Stuck in the Suburbs has me holding out hope that I will accidentally get ahold of my celeb crush's cell phone and get the chance to become friends... It hasn't happened yet, but I know there's hope!

18. Your Diary May Be Published As a Best Selling Novel! 

Read it and Weep is a movie that teaches you that fame and fortune may make you lose yourself. It's totally cool to have your diary be published into a best selling novel in high school, so long as you don't let the character you've created take over who you are.

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