Everyone has a best friend, well everyone says they have a best friend. Not trying to throw shade but some people say that they have a best friend but like to talk a lot of shit behind their so-called “best friend's” back. Or their best friend and they are fighting like every other hour. A friendship is one of the best things you can have in the world and having a friendship with your best friend is better than any friendship or relationship you will ever have. But you don’t want a best friend that picks on you and talks about you behind your back. Your best friend is like a sister, you want to be able to trust her and tell her every single thing about you. Here are a few qualities that a best friend should have.

1. She is always there for you

One thing that a best friend has no matter what is your back. She always has your back whether it's in a good or a bad situation, or even if they think you're totally wrong, they will have your back and then they'll tell you a little later nicely that you were wrong.

2. She is your biggest cheerleader

Your best friend will never let you forget who you are and what you can bring to the table. If your best friend thinks something is wrong they will let you know that it's not your lost and that you were perfect and there's nothing that you could have done differently. Basically telling you that the mistake was not on your end.

3. You can trust her the most

Most of the secrets and fears you have, your best friend already knows about because it's an essential part of the friendship. Also when you guys have those girl nights, you have a lot of deep conversations about your values and what you plan for the future. Your best friend is the number one person you can trust because they won’t tell anyone not even your parents one thing that you tell them.

4. She will cry with you

You don't want to be friends with someone that can't feel for you. Not only do best friends feel for you but they also put themselves in your shoes and they relate to how you feel. They understand what you're going through and they're going to be there with you the whole step of the way.

5. She will laugh with you a lot more than she laughs at you

This is the top quality that a best friend should have. They can have the same humor as you or their own quirky humor but at the end of the day, they know how to make you laugh. Between the inside jokes and all the fun memories you guys have, there's always something to laugh at.

6. She won't judge you because she knows you're just being yourself

Your best friend knows who you are, they know the best part of you and they know the worst part of you. So when that bad part of you comes out once in awhile your best friend is the one person that is not going to judge you because she already knows that part of you.

7. She won't talk about you behind your back

When you and your best friend have a fight, they're not going to go talk to everyone about it and call you names behind your back they're going to come talk to you about it because they know they can. They will also never get over when someone hurts you even though you're already over it.

8. She has respect for you

Your best friend will not always agree with what you are saying but she will be the one person that respects your ideas and opinions.

9. She will forgive you because she knows you're not perfec

She isn't going to expect you to be perfect like I said earlier she knows the best and worst part about you. She knows that you have flaws and when you make a mistake she will forgive you.

10. She is your person

When you are feeling low and you're having a bad day, your best friend should be there trying to make you feel better. She's always the shoulder you can cry on, she will pick you back up when needed. You can go to her for anything.

11. She will listen even if she doesn't care

The number one thing that I always rant about is tv shows, especially when I'm binge watching a new one. Even if your best friend doesn't watch the show you watch or she likes the person that you hate, she will listen to you rant about whatever.

12. She loves you for who you are

Your best friend will love all of you, your attitude, the moods you have, and your personality. She will love you so much that you won’t be able to get rid of her with anything that you do.

Your best friend is the person you want to confront in every time something goes wrong. The friendship that we have with our best friend is one of the most valuable things we have in life. At the end of the day, we always know that we have them to rely on and that feeling goes a long way.