What We Can All Learn From 'Bachelor In Paradise'
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What We Can All Learn From 'Bachelor In Paradise'

Every rose ceremony is “the most dramatic rose ceremony ever.”

What We Can All Learn From 'Bachelor In Paradise'
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Whether you’re a proud and expressive BIP fan or a secret watcher, you can certainly admit that ABC’s "Bachelor in Paradise" is a favorite guilty pleasure. From all the ups and downs to all the love and loss, this reality TV show reels in its audience through lively personalities, exciting plot twists, and, of course, a whole lot of drama.

For seven weeks every Monday and Tuesday from 8-10 p.m., your life revolves around all the dynamic characters that you either love to love OR love to hate. The constant cycle of excitement to disappointment, happiness to heartbreak, it’s all a lot to handle. However, who wouldn’t want to watch some of the world’s most interesting (and craziest) people get drunk all day and hook up with each other? If you’re lucky, you’ll actually get to witness these people fall in love every now and then, which is truly magical (until the couple splits usually within the next six months.)

Though it may have its flaws (@ Corrine and DeMario), there is a lot that one can learn through watching this riveting and unique show.

Boys are oblivious.

*Cough* Dean.

Girls LOVE drama, except when it has to do with them.

It’s funny how girls are all up in each other’s business when something controversial is going on, but when the controversy is surrounding them, they’re all like “everyone needs to mind their own damn business.”

Boys are just as dramatic (if not, more so) than girls.

Admit it, guys.

Don't wear clothes you know you're gonna sweat in.



Don't get TOO drunk.


I feel like this is a common rule of thumb for any situation, but for sure needs to be emphasized on BIP.

Girls — wear waterproof mascara.


You never know when the tears are gonna start flowin'.

People will do A LOT for attention.

Don’t let it get to you. People are selfish, but those who are real and genuine will shine through in the end. And for those who are fake, their true colors are usually discovered with distaste.

Be open-minded.

Usually, the people who put all their eggs in one basket from the very beginning end up being broken-hearted in the end. This shows that even though you can hit it off with one person from the start, they may not always be the person that you end up with in the long run.

You CAN actually find love in unexpected ways.

"The Bachelor" franchise has birthed numerous beautiful and loving couples that still exist today. Trista and Ryan, Catherine and Sean, Jade and Tanner — just to name a few favorites!

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