Poetry - What An Idea

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I wanted to write a personification piece about having an idea that inspires you so much, it can be felt entirely in your mood and your corner of the world. It can be a small idea or a large one. No matter what it is, may it bring you a sense of accomplishment and create positive energies around you. Good vibes to you!

What an idea

That stays in my head

It flutters my instincts alive

And it remains in bloom,

The idea beginning to spread

What an idea

That takes shape

It produces wonderful inklings

To flourish my positive energies,

One step away from being great

The start of something that makes you anxious

In the best way possible

Remains in the mind

Like the hottest day you could remember in July

Or the coldest night of January's might

It is this idea that alleviates your jitters

And eases you away from confines

What an idea

That makes you smile

It makes you proud

That such possibility can be obtained

Through pure determination of an idea

Some can be fleeting

Some can seem small

But what an idea

That starts it all

The dreams meant to be fulfilled

The promises encouraged to be kept

For you and the feeling of anticipation

On what is to come

What an idea can do

Is propel you to move

Is to cause you to create

Is to motivate you to be persistent

What an idea can't do

Is die if you don't want it to

It can live on eons after your story is told

And be passed down to generations yet still to be born

Even the smallest ideas can span years of prosperity

If in good intent and spiritual health it is sown

Should you recall the tale of the mustard seed,

Then you should also know

That in good care

How an idea can grow

Oh yes, for an idea

It can take you far

Around the earth or moon

May even the most ambitious

And grand

And seemingly impossible

Ideas reach

And become reality soon

What an idea

Can do when in full bloom

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