To the woman who raised him,

I am very lucky to have spent the time I have with your son. He never fails to make me laugh, and loves me even on my worst days. He is caring and supportive. He never says anything to hurt me. He's respectful. He works hard at everything that he does. And I owe it all to the woman who raised him. You taught him right from wrong and how to be a gentleman. I know he was probably a handful growing up, and you deserve endless thank you's for raising him to be the man he is today.

He really is a momma's boy. He does everything that he can to make you proud. He loves you more than words can explain, and I know he appreciates everything that you've done for him to make him the man he is today.

Thank you for teaching him to be respectful. He doesn't just respect women, he respects everyone. You taught him well. He calls me "beautiful" instead of "hot." He holds doors open for me. He pays for things for me, despite my attempts to pay sometimes 'cause "that's how he was raised."

You taught him how to treat a woman. He puts up a tough act, but in reality, he's got a huge heart and he's the sweetest person. We get into petty arguments sometimes, but he never fails to make me feel loved and special every day and I have you to thank for that.

Thank you for teaching him the value of hard work. He has so much perseverance and he's so dedicated to everything that he does. He has so much drive whether that be at work, in school, or in his everyday life.

Thank you for supporting his soccer career all those years. Sitting in the rainy weather, traveling countless hours to games, and doing whatever you could whenever you could to support his love of the game. I played soccer for a season when I was six, so I don't know much of what the job entails, much less to be the support system that you were and I'm definitely not the sports fanatic that he is. But I love watching how he lights up when he talks to me about his time playing and hearing about his passion for the sport.

Thank you for accepting me into your home and giving me the opportunity to make memories with your family. You're one of the sweetest women I've met, and I see where your son gets his loving and big-hearted personality from.

Thank you for raising the man of my dreams,

Your son's girlfriend.