33 Inexplicably Weird Things We All Do
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33 Inexplicably Weird Things We All Do

We're all in this together.

33 Inexplicably Weird Things We All Do

Modern psychology says that no two individuals are exactly alike. But let's be honest, we're a lot more alike than we'd like to think. While we exhibit tons of religious, geographical, and cultural variations, humans are animals, and like all animals we have idiosyncrasies, quirks and characteristics that distinguish us as a species. So I hate to admit it but you're not as special as you'd think. With that being said, here are just some of the very unusual things that we as a species can relate to doing:

1. Walking into a room to complete a task only to forget why you went in that room.

2. Nodding your head pretending you heard what the person just said because you already asked them to repeat it three times.

3. Putting your music on shuffle, only to skip until you find the one song you actually want.

4. Talking to other cars while driving.

5. Peeing in the shower.

6. Opening your birthday card and pretend to not notice/or count the money while you're reading the card.

7. When you accidentally make a sound that sounds like a fart so you keep making it to confirm it wasn't a fart.

8. Having a mini panic attack when you have a dream that you are falling.

9. Waking up before a friend at a sleepover and sitting there silently staring at the ceiling until they wake up.

10. Looking all over for something only to discover it's in your hand.

11. Thinking of an amazing comeback about four hours too late.

12. Saying “Wed-nes-day” phonetically to help you spell it.

13. And "B-e-a-utiful."

14. Checking behind the shower curtain for murderers.

15. Making sure every single body part is covered by your blankets so you are now safe.

16. Pretending you are texting someone, or just using your phone in general, when you are in an uncomfortable situation.

17. Drawing the sun in the corner of the paper, and usually with cool sunglasses.

18. Checking the refrigerator three times, in hopes that food just magically appeared.

19. Stopping the microwave with one second left.

20. Watching one propeller on the ceiling fan go around in circles.

21. Flipping our pillows to the cold side.

22. Preparing yourself before stepping onto an escalator.

23. Checking to make sure you aren't telekinetic.

24. Pulling grass out of the ground when sitting in a field.

25. Pacing while on the phone.

26. Running up the stairs because there is a monster chasing you.

Because everyone knows once you make it upstairs you're safe.

27. Making up our own lyrics to songs we don't know the words to.

28. Always having to pee while hiding in hide and seek.

29. Looking up your symptoms online and convincing yourself you are dying.

30. Drawing penises on foggy windows.

Or anywhere really.

31. Pretending to not notice when someone else does something embarrassing, because you feel embarrassed for them.

32. Waving to someone waving to the person behind you.

33. Pressing a button more than once thinking that will make it go faster.

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