Dear Avocado Toast,

I love you.

First things first, I think you're the greatest breakfast food in the whole world. You're packed with vitamins and a whole bunch of other tasty health benefits. You're so versatile, too—you can pair with eggs or tomato or other fun things—the possibilities are endless!

I love you avocado toast, but I think there's a lot of people who don't quite understand your appeal.

I mean, you're so popular with us young folk that older people assume you're a silly trend. But you are so much more than that! I guess more than a surface level judgement is too much to ask of the same generation that thought we wanted participation trophies. Don't worry, we lowly millennials understand. We sometimes take a break from killing various industries to indulge ourselves in good brunch food.

I mean we really love brunch food. There isn't a whole lot that can distract us from such a depressing political environment, incredibly high levels of anxiety, and our crippling student debt quite like mimosas with the girls.

Amirite, ladies?!

I like to think that even if you didn't photograph so well for the #gram, I would still love you regardless. I mean, we may be the generation of selfies, but we're also the generation of acceptance and self-love.

We understand how important it is to like and embrace yourself for who you really are! It's 2018, after all. People can love whoever they want to, however they want to! They can dress in whatever makes them feel good! They can even put cucumbers in their water if they want to get really crazy!

I think you have a lot that's worth loving, avocado toast.

Anyways, avocado toast, I can't chat for much longer. I have a lot to do—I mean, rent, student loans, basic health care, and various life expenses can't pay themselves (and evidently can't be paid much better by the 2 jobs I'm underemployed at!).

Stay perfect. There are not many things left that are.

Hope to see you soon!


A Tired And Stressed Millennial