When it comes to dealing with a lot of mental and emotional issues, weight loss is the main factor that many do not consider to think of as a symptom of various problems and disorders. In my case, I lost weight because of unpleasant reasons and my secret that everyone wants me to give is not something I recommend.

Growing up, I would get a lot of verbal abuse from family about my weight, and also got harshly criticized on my performance in school, even if my grade was a B average. Up until recently, I realized that food was something I turned to in my times of depression and anxiety. This goes along with alcohol, marijuana, and sex as well.

Because of years of verbal abuse, I had endured, my relationship with my mom was barely good. It came to a point wherein the summer after I completed my junior year of college, we were constantly fighting. I wanted to have a bit of a social life, but she was not happy with me being out late at night. There was even a point in time where we did not speak for over a week when she found out I was dating someone.

My weight loss started that summer. Because of me and my mom's strained relationship, my anxiety was the worst it had ever been in a long time. There would be days where food disgusts me and I would eat nothing but fries.

Another change that I noticed within myself was the fact that I got full quicker. I use to be able to eat a whole burger but this time I ended up only eating half.

By the end of that summer, I had lost over 20 pounds. People were impressed by my weight loss but on the inside I was ashamed. I was not ashamed because of the way I looked but because of the way I lost my weight. I always wanted to lose weight, but the way that I lost it was not the way I planned.

Every day that I look in the mirror a small part of me wishes that I could confidently tell people how I lost weight. Never in my life would I want to tell anyone that if they want to lose weight they should be stressed and not eat for days at a time.

When people ask me, "how I do it," I honestly give them BS advice such as "eating small portions," or "walking 2 miles a day." Whatever response was good enough so people can leave me alone about it.

A person losing weight is not always that great. Although most people do not mean any harm, one advice I want to give people is to take into consideration that not all people who lose weight did it intentionally and sometimes that is a result of underlying issues they may have in their life.