As the first week of school approaches, we will all sooner or later run into similar situations. You may think that you won't go through any issues at all, but you're wrong. Even seniors go through the same first week phase that freshmen go through. How you handle this first week of school is all up to you. Don't let this first week fool you though with syllabus day, introduction week, and with learning the basics of every subject. Things will get harder, college is one big leap ahead of high-school that's for sure. The first week of college is very stressful for most people and for others not so bad. In the end the first week of college will have everyone debating about their life careers. Here are some things you may run into on the first week of college.

1. Meeting New People

Meeting people is hard but trust me, everyone makes friends. Just make sure to be yourself, I promise you, no one will judge your for watching Gossip Girl everyday or putting cheese in your Ramen.

2. Professors during the first week of class

Professors will seem really evil or hateful and most of the time they are, but most of them aren't as bad as they seem.

3. Doing laundry for the first time

If you don't know how to do your laundry, don't worry, people will notice and maybe even chuckle at you, but never be afraid to ask for help. There are plenty of people in the dorms who are willing to help you.

4. Realizing you're on your own

It's rough going from seeing everyone every day to seeing no one at all, but don't worry, your family will visit you. If not there's always the weekends for them to come see you, and if you can't do either of those it's free to install Skype or Google Hangouts.

5. When your professor tells you that you don't need the book for class but you already bought it

Everyone will have that one teacher that pulls this mess on you, but don't worry, you'll find someone to rent your unneeded books.

6. The realization that high-school didn't prepare you for college

You will have plenty of professors ask you "Didn't you learn this in high school?", and our honest answer will be no. Most of the things I have learned in my classes I have never even thought about yet alone learned from my teachers.

7. "College will change you"

College will change you, without a doubt, no questions asked.

8. When you turn in your 10 page paper an hour before its due

Family & friends: "They won't assign any papers first week of school don't worry!"

Professors: "Hi class, I know today is our first day, but on Friday I will need from each one of you a 9-12 page paper about why you decided on taking my class."

9. Finally getting sleep

At the end of each day just make sure you get at least some rest for more stressful days to come, because I can promise you things only get harder from here on out.

10. Realizing its going to be a bumpy ride, but totally worth it

Don't worry, college is hard, there will be bumps here and there but you'll find a way to achieve everything you need done.