On Wednesdays We Drink Wine!
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On Wednesdays We Drink Wine!

Okay, maybe not just on Wednesdays...

On Wednesdays We Drink Wine!

"On Wednesday's we wear Pink!" But in other cases, on Wednesday's we drink wine! Wine Wednesday has become a popular weekly event. People are using the hashtag #WineWednesday on their Instagram, Facebook, and twitter posts. I know I am guilty of this. Personally, I don't drink wine to get drunk, but because it tastes good and it compliments a good movie after a long day of school/work. I did my research and realized that a glass or two can actually benefit your health in the long run and some studies even showed that drinking wine makes you a happier person.

Here are a few benefits to drinking wine.

It promotes longevity. Wine drinkers have a 34 percent lower mortality rate than beer or spirits drinkers.

People who drink wine are less stressed out.

Men and women who drink two to seven glasses of wine per week are less likely to be diagnosed with depression.

People who drink wine know how to celebrate the little things in life. Wine turns a regular meal into something to cherish.

Wine can be an expensive habit, but wine drinkers are familiar with what's good, and what's cheap. You learn about what each wine means and the physical taste of the experience.

Drinking wine can be versatile. Want to have a girls night? Wine. Need a drink to compliment your dinner? Wine. Want to drink while eating ice cream? Wine.

You look classy drinking it.

It clears out the feelings you have backed up inside of you.

My personal favorite: it doesn't make you feel bloated!

So the next time you had a rough day at work or just want to sip on some "happy juice", toss the beer cans out and grab yourself a glass of wine. You deserve it!

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