I May Not Be Actual Royalty But My Wedding Will Be Fit For A Queen If I Have A Say In It
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I May Not Be Actual Royalty But My Wedding Will Be Fit For A Queen If I Have A Say In It

Step over Meghan and Harry, my time is coming, just wait.

I May Not Be Actual Royalty But My Wedding Will Be Fit For A Queen If I Have A Say In It

The 2018 royal wedding has only expanded my elaborate planning for a wedding fit for a queen. I have always obsessed over the classic styles of royalty such as Princess Diana and now Kate Middleton who has become a fashion icon. There is something about the elegance and timeless air of royalty that comes to a pinnacle at a symbolic wedding. I may not be royalty, and my wedding may have more inspiration from Pinterest than Buckingham Palace, but it will be one for the books.

1. The Ring

When it comes to rings, the design is key. A ring fit for a queen is one of elegance and class, yet shines brightly when hit by the sun...or your phone’s flash when trying to get that perfect not so posed ring selfie- how regal. Princess Diana now Kate Middleton’s ring is one of my all-time favorites.

The large sapphire cradled by a setting of smaller diamonds just looks extremely rich. The oval shape is elegant and elongating and the colored stone gives the ring antique flair and timeless detailing. If my life takes the quick turn of falling for a prince of a distant land in waiting...you know what to do.

2. The Dress

Classic lines are a must when it comes to the dress. I love a simple silhouette that brings the attention to the bride’s features rather than a busy pattern of crystals taking away from her. Styles inspired by the 1960 ’s, long sleeves, and/ or dresses with classic lace give a subtle and feminine feel that every bride should embody. Meghan Markle’s dress exemplified simple elegance and she now holds a special place for my future wedding inspo.

3. The Venue

Royals may have the upper hand in choosing a venue… but it doesn’t mean that us commoners need to lower our standards for a fairytale ending. Castles make for incredible photos and how many times can I say Pinterest worthy?

Surprisingly, there are many castles available for weddings which opens up the option of a destination wedding or a wedding near you. I just may have to say “I do” in a castle my younger self would definitely approve of.

4. The Decor

White weddings create an instant regal backdrop that is guaranteed not to go out of style. I imagine a modern-day Cinderella strolling into her reception greeted by warm lighting and dramatic flower centerpieces. My happily ever after wouldn’t be complete without an abundance of white flowers adorning the venue and elegant decor that the Disney princesses themselves wouldn’t mind taking notes from.

But, really, are you sure that there aren't any available princes?

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