In my life, the clothing I wear has a tremendous impact on how I feel. It may not seem like it, but clothing can have a lot of influence over how confident you feel. You do not have to wear a glamour look every day, but simply something that makes you feel comfortable in your own skin.

I wake up in the morning early to make sure I have enough time to pick out what I want to wear. I do not lay out my clothes at night because I do not know what I'm going to feel in the morning. I make my decision based on what I have to do for the day and how I want to feel while doing it. For instance, if I have dance practice later on in the day and I want to feel extra confident, I will wear leggings with a sheer crop top, but if I want to be comfortable, I will wear sweatpants and a cotton t-shirt.

My style generally consists of sweats and cropped shirts and hoodies because that is what I feel looks best on me and it reflects my personality. Some days, however, I feel like wearing dresses and skirts and I feel girly and confident wearing that. I think it is important to realize that you do not have to confine yourself to a single style. You are allowed to have different aspects of your personality and to show that in what you wear.

Most importantly, wear what YOU want to wear.

I understand that there is constant pressure in society for men and women to dress in a certain way or even for certain types of people to dress a certain way, but all of it is false. You should not have to conform to the styles everyone else is wearing, especially if you are not comfortable in it. After all, you will look best when you are wearing clothes that give you confidence.