We Rise By Lifting Others
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We Rise By Lifting Others

A strong human being lifts others up.

We Rise By Lifting Others

As someone who loves animals, no matter where you go, that is something that will always stay with you.

As everybody has to, I “grew up”. I moved away from home and continued with life in a new country. I moved far away from home my mom and my dad; but never from the most important thing that he taught me: love. So yes, like everyone, I had to grow up and my love for animals grew along with me.

My new house was in front of a lake, where ducks come and go as the seasons change. One day I found one little duckling that got bitten by a turtle that was trying to eat him. I never knew turtles ate ducklings. Like people say, you learn something new every day. The snapping turtles are a huge danger for ducklings, like hawks, owls, crows, and countless other predators. Out of 20, usually, only three make it alive. This duckling was one of the remaining six. A huge chunk of his side belly was gone, and its organs were falling out. It was probably one of the hardest injuries I have had to take care of.

In a foreign country, without my dad’s help and his knowledge of birds, without a car to take him to a veterinarian, or I had no idea how; I had to figure out something to save that poor baby. That was when I remembered that with two hands anything was possible and that I was not going to let an animal die.

I covered the duck in a towel and put pressure on the wound, took a cab, and took him to the only wildlife rescue center in Orlando. They had to do surgery on him. Today he is a duck, with feathers, and beautiful green wings. He learned how to fly, and I filmed every second of it. Every day at 3 o’clock, he flies to my balcony every day looking for me.

A neighbor, who had seen what I did, asked me when did I become so passionate about wildlife and animals, so I told him it was the way that I was raised.

When I was a kid I asked my father how did he became a Sensei, to what he smiled, and simply answered “by lifting others”.

And in my own way, that is exactly what I do.

Always remember, we rise by lifting others.

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