7 Websites Animal Lovers Must Know About
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7 Websites Animal Lovers Must Know About

These websites are sure to make the animal lover in you very happy!

7 Websites Animal Lovers Must Know About
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Many websites out there exist to showcase our interests, and one of those interests is animals. Animals can be so much better than people are. They’re cuter, happier, and more friendly. They have all the best qualities in them, without most of the bad ones. These seven websites are a must-know-about for any true animal lover out there, applicable to so many situations, and guaranteed to make you happier!

Does the Dog Die?

If you’re a dog lover like I am, you know the horror of watching a movie where a dog is put into a dangerous situation, burying your head in the couch or the shoulder of the person next to you, counting to 60 seconds and then peeking up to see if the situation resolved itself. For some reason, movie producers love to sic a demon after a helpless puppy, or queue the heart wrenching sadness when a person’s childhood dog has to be put to sleep. Does The Dog Die? allows you to type in any movie title and find out what happens to the dog, from being hurt but alright, to full-on dying. This site also tells you when one of the movies has been verified or not, so there are no surprises. Avoid emotional trauma and fright by double checking with this helpful list.

Oh Mi Dog

Humans have lots of social media dedicated to our interests, desires, fears, and hobbies. Oh Mi Dog is a social media and informational site dedicated to all the things that make dogs wonderful. Everything from social commentary on the way a television star treats their pets, to recalls and defects in dog food and supplies is listed here for any dog lover or concerned pet parent to view. It is also a helpful hub of DIY projects and adorable products to pamper your dog. If you need to do research to help your furry family member stay safe and up to date with hazards, or if you simply want to pamper them with love and cuteness, Oh Mi Dog is definitely a place to check out.

Pet of the Day

Brighten up every day by visiting Pet of the Day, where every day a different pet is featured and described completely with personality traits, breed, pictures, and stories. You can post pictures of your pet here, giving them the chance to be nominated for a feature, admire the other adorable pets, or talk to other pet owners about anything pet related you want. Any pet is welcome here from dogs and cats to horses and lizards, and are all eligible to be nominated for pet of the day. There are also subcategories of dog of the day, as well as cat of the day. Pet-discussion boards and polls about pet topics are also able to be found here. Any not so good day can be turned into a great day, and any great day can be turned into a spectacular day. All that you need is Pet of the Day.

I Can Has Cheezburger?

Animal related memes, gifs, articles, pictures, stories, and articles are some of my favorite things to look at on the internet. My Facebook feed is ridden with adorable four-legged creatures in all of their cuddly glory. If you’re like me, then there is no such thing as too many animals and I Can Has Cheezburger is the place to go. Essentially, this site is a compilation of all things cute and animal related. Scrolling through the website, you will be greeted with dog videos, cat gifs, memes of any species – anything cute you could imagine. With 14 different subcategories and filtering features, you are guaranteed to find the animal image that you are looking for. Definitely check out this site to put a smile on your face.

Adopt a Pet

When looking for a pet of any kind to welcome into your home, adoption is one of the best ways to go. Many people think of pet adoption as finding an old, miserable animal and trying to give it a good end to their life. While easing an animal out of this world is a noble goal, pet adoption is often about young animals whose humans were either unable or unwilling to continue to take care of them, and a shelter was the best place the animals could live well-fed and cared for. Adopt a Pet compiles lots of information from hundreds of websites, and allows you to put in your zip code to find the adoption center nearest to you. You can also narrow your search by breed, age, size, color, and gender to find the perfect addition to your family. Not only are dogs and cats available, but some specialty shops offer lizards, rodents, horses, or snakes, and Adopt a Pet can direct you to those locations as well.

Dog Friendly

If you’ve ever traveled with a dog, you know that while many places are dog friendly, even more of them are not. Often, most of the places that are considered “destinations” or “attractions” have no tolerance for our furry family members. Dog Friendly is a website where you can search cities throughout the entirety of the U.S, Canada, and Europe, as well as some other places worldwide. While the focus is specific on hotels, food, tours, parks, beaches, hiking trails, attractions, air travel, camping, skiing, and events, there are smaller categories including emergency veterinarians and dog-friendly car rental places. Dog Friendly also has a handy list of several different traveling tips and “hacks” for an easy, relaxing trip to wherever your destination is, and etiquette guides to help with any potential snafus that might be met along the way.

Must Love Pets

It’s pretty common to find partway into a relationship that one partner really does want kids and the other really does not. Sometimes, that difference can be overcome. Sometimes not. A similar difference is an opinion on pets. That difference can almost never be overcome. Must Love Pets is a dating site for people – you may have guessed it – who must love pets. This website has different levels of membership allowing for different types of communication with other pet lovers. Profiles are prescreened and determined to be real and safe to ensure that each member is having the best experience possible. There are also no constraints on the types of animals that one has to love to join this site – you can search by dog lovers, cat lovers, or animal lovers in general.

These websites will definitely make the heart of any animal lover soar! By applying these sites to your every day life, you will have more animals to enjoy, and a better way to enjoy them! Animal lovers unite!

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