We Reject The President Elect

Excluding Trump, I really don’t care who you voted for. All I care about is if you have a voice.

A voice that is loud.

A voice that can be heard.

A voice that can be listened to.

What we need right now are voices. We need people who are angry, people who oppose the new President of the United States and the beliefs of the Republican party. We need to speak out against everything they stand for. We need to create social change. We need a mass movement.

A mass movement is when a massive group of people come together and speak out against a common cause. Mass Movements have been a part of our society since before the creation of our nation. A mass movement is the reason we fought a war for Independence against Great Britain. People got together and spoke out against the oppressive government, creating an independent nation based on their values and opinions. After the American Revolution, when the people were governed under the Articles of Confederation, a mass movement sparked. People spoke up and fought against the weak government and unfair taxation. This is why we have the Constitution of the United States. In the 1900s, people began to realize that child labor, poor working conditions, and unsanitary food, were wrong. People spoke up about the welfare of American citizens and the Federal Government noticed and made political and social reforms. Mass movements are why we have civil rights. Mass movements are why we have women's rights. It's why we have reproduction rights. It's why we have gay rights. We have these rights because people realized that something in our society was wrong. They got together and spoke against society's wrongdoings. They spoke loud enough that the federal government heard what they had to say.

This is exactly what we have to do now. Donald Trump and the Republican party stand for everything that we do not want to have in our society:






These issues do not belong in 2016.

These issues don't belong anywhere, and they especially shouldn’t be glorified by the head of our nation and his millions of supporters.

We shouldn't have a nation where people are degraded and subject to persecution based on their race, sexual orientation, gender, and religion. We shouldn't have a president who will teach boys and men that it is okay to manipulate women and persecute people of color, and people of different religions and sexuality, just to get ahead in life. We shouldn't teach our girls and women that it is okay to be manipulated and taken advantage of. We shouldn't teach our minority citizens that it's okay to be subject to racism and persecution based on the color of their skin.

We need to be afraid. We need to be afraid of Donald Trump. We need to be afraid of the Republican majority in Congress. We definitely need to be afraid of the 60 million people who voted for the president-elect. These are the people who are breeding negative, derogatory, and disgusting views to their children, who then go on and spread it to their classmates and peers without understanding how detrimental and how wrong they are.

I know people have lost hope and are trying to accept the fact that Donald Trump is going to be president, but we shouldn’t. We shouldn't just sit back and live our lives accepting that a hateful man and a conservative Congress are going to be dictating the future of the nation and of our people. What we need to do instead is to speak out. There is a Revolution Brewing in this country. People want change. People want equal opportunity. People want the freedom to live their lives without threat and oppression. Our generation, the millennials, are the driving force of this. We should not sit back because the older people in our lives telling us that we are wrong and that we should just accept the position and state in which our nation is in. What we need to do is express our opinions to the public. We need to get our voices heard. We need to go out and tell others how we feel. We need to scream at the federal government and tell them that we do not support a bigot as the head of our federal government. We do not want his rhetoric and the ideals his supporters believe in to become a social norm. We need another mass movement, and we need it now.

Please don’t stop your voice. Don’t hide your opinions. Don’t prevent words from leaving your mouth.

We can do this. We can create social change if we band together and speak out.

Remember, more people voted for Hillary. There are more of us and less of them.
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