Let’s talk about Trump, baby. More specifically, let’s talk about Trump on Twitter. Our current reigning lord and master POTUS has quite a fondness for the social media site, Twitter; a popular media and news platform used by celebrities, news casters, and commoners alike. In previous years the @POTUS handle was used sparingly by President Obama and the Obama administration, but President Trump has taken it on in a whole new light. Beginning with his first week in office and continuing on through present day, preferring to utilize his personal account rather than the @POTUS handle, Trump has used the Twitter platform for everything from news commentary, to “allegedly” leaking confidential information. He’s also been accused of announcing major rule changes on the public site before informing even his own team, or the parties involved. Take one of his most recent tweet announcements as an example; At 7:55 AM (CST), using the Twitter handle @realDonaldTrump, Trump tweeted out this gem:

And then proceeded to wait nine entire minutes before following up with his next tweet announcing his intent to bar all transgendered persons from military service, never mind the thousands of trans military service men and woman who are already proudly serving.

For those nine minutes, the Pentagon, the world, was on the edge of their seats with baited breath, many expecting the President to announce a military attack by the United States on some part of the world, some narrowing the focus to North Korea, others not wanting to consider the possibilities. Instead, his attack hit closer to home, injuring his own servicemen and woman. Concluding with the implications that our transgendered brothers and sisters are a “burden” or “disruption” to our military.

Opinions on our current POTUS using Twitter as his own personal diary vary from person to person. The majority, however, appear to be of the mind that our President should put down the phone and let his entourage do the talking. His vocal outbursts have been enough to make entire other countries cringe in embarrassment, and many have voiced that his tweets are attempts at distracting from larger issues such as his misguided attempts at healthcare reform. But are we overlooking something?

As embarrassing as his activity may seem to a vocal majority, we have to take notice that this administration, as well as the current majority party, have been far from open with the public. With closed sessions and private interview, avoiding or blatantly denying the press, our current government has effectively alienated the general public. It’s painfully obvious that Trump, his administration, and the GOP majority ruled house and senate are working tirelessly to control the public narrative. With one blaring exception, however. Donald Trump’s Twitter.

While many have expressed doubts to how relevant these “unofficially official” tweets may be (though the courts maintain that his Tweets can be held in an official capacity); Trumps outbursts allow the public eye a peak behind the curtains this administration has worked tirelessly to blind us with. The little we get, from not only Trump, but his staff and family members, is just enough to reveal their incompetence, and at times, their blatant disregard for citizens, United States laws, even the Constitution.

Even those who once supported Trump in his presidential endeavors have abandoned ship over a Trump tweet.

Donald Trump has proven to be unstable, his desire for a direct connection to the people through the Twitter platform has allowed us more insight that we could have hoped for. The majority of our population knows we cannot trust this administration to do what’s right for its citizens, and Trump’s Twitter does nothing to dispel that belief. His use of the account does however allow us to keep questioning, continue doubting, and continue out search for the information this administration has worked so relentlessly to keep us blind to. We, the people, need to utilize whatever tools we can, including Trumps “rogue” Twitter posts, to stay informed, as long as we bear in mind how strictly his posse works to control the narrative.