How We Are All Connected
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How We Are All Connected

The World feels a lot smaller thanks to Technology

How We Are All Connected

Technology can both be a blessing and a curse. In today's society, we have become so reliant on all of our technology. Whether it is smartphones, computers, tablets, or other gadgets, we as people are always connected to our devices.

Critics will say that this has stunted the growth of the human race as we have become obsessed with technology instead of with each other. I can not dismiss this claim, however I can say that technology has helped us communicate with each other, but in a different way. Personal, face-to-face, conversations are not as common, yet now we can converse with people across the globe. Even when I am hundred of miles away, I always feel connected with my friends and family.

Phone apps such as FaceTime, Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook have revolutionized how we communicate. As a college student who is attending a university out of my home state, I am greatly appreciative of the these apps. Many of my friends and family live hours away and I keeping up with their lives would be a far more difficult task even five years ago. Fortunately for me, today's apps allow me to stay up to date with everyone.

On Snapchat I can tune in to everyone's activities and see ten second glimpses into my friend's day. I can also instantly comment on my friend's stories and send them videos or pictures of my own current activities. There is also my university's campus Snapchat story that reveals what is happening around my school. Snapchat allows us to communicate with images as opposed to words. Being able to tell a story with just images or a short video clip is a new way of communicating for us.

Twitter allows me to see the thoughts and opinions of my friends at an instant. I follow a lot of people on Twitter so my timeline is constantly updating with new tweets. With the hashtag and trends page you can also communicate with people across the globe about popular events. During awards shows, popular television programs, sporting events, and other forms of entertainment, thousands of people are tweeting about them. Twitter also allows us to share images (memes anyone?) and videos. If a tweet is popular enough it can be retweeted or circulated across the web.

Facebook is an old favorite application that everyone has. Honestly if you don't have a Facebook I question where you have been the last ten years. Facebook is where you really see how people are doing. Whatever you want all of your friends and family to know about you usually share on Facebook. The biggest announcements are usually posted on this social media website. Photo albums, videos, events, and groups really draw everyone together. This application allows you to directly communicate with hundreds of your friends and family.

Instagram focuses mostly on photos. This app gives all of your followers a picture that defines a night out, an event you attended, a birthday shoutout, an old photo, and so many other things. I use Instagram as a scrapbook for myself. It documents my life story through photos over the years. I can see pictures of my friends' lives back at home or throughout the nation.

Finally, one of my favorite applications is FaceTime. This feature on the iPhone allows me to have video calls with my friends and family. Why make a phone call when you can FaceTime and see the person you are talking to. There's nothing better than having an hour long conversation over FaceTime. It really makes long distance communication more personal.

Although technology can be a negative, it has had such a positive impact on my life. Without these applications my connection with the people I care about would not be nearly as strong.

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