4 Ways YOU Can Help Donate To THON
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4 Ways YOU Can Help Donate To THON

With the season of giving in full swing, please consider making a donation!

4 Ways YOU Can Help Donate To THON
Sarah Robie

As most of you already know, THON is a 46-hour dance marathon that raises money to help improve the lives of children and families impacted by childhood cancer. In the hopes of finding a cure, THON raises money to help provide emotional and financial support to Four Diamond families (an organization that covers 100% of all medical expenses related to cancer are not covered by insurance for eligible children and their families), raise awareness, and fund critical pediatric cancer research.

This year, we had to say our final goodbye to canning weekends. As this fundraising era slowly ends, Penn State students now, more than ever, are looking for ways to fundraise to help replace those lost donations.

Your help in fighting childhood cancer is important. To make it easier for you, listed below are several ways you can donate to our THON community.

1. Donate online.

You have the option to make a general donation by clicking on “Donate Now”, or you can donate by selecting to support specific organizations: general organizations, Greek organizations, or independent dancer couples. You can even donate to a specific individual.

2. Drop money in a THON donation box

Donation boxes are placed in local businesses all across Pennsylvania. When you’re out running errands, or buying gifts this holiday season, please look out for these boxes and consider donating!

3. Watch for THONvelopes in your mailbox

THONvelopes are personalized letters sent out to friends and family to solicit donations. Your THONvelope includes a self-addressed envelope to make it easy to send your signed donation check.

4. Participate in business sponsored THON events

Many organizations have set up THON fundraisers and events. My organization, Gamma Phi Beta, is currently partnering with Yankee Candle to help raise funds. 40% of your purchase will go directly to THON and Four Diamonds families. These candles make great gifts for the upcoming holiday season! Click here to purchase a candle (or two) to help support this important cause. Under "Start Shopping," key in the Group # 999976255.

Know that every dollar has an impact and every dollar makes a difference – so please consider contributing to this important cause. “One day we will dance in celebration… until then, we will dance for a cure.”

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